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Just because you’ve been charged with careless driving does not make you a bad driver. It’s possible that you were distracted by something or someone else on the road when you momentarily lost control of your car. Or perhaps you were using prescription medication for a cold and simply fell asleep while driving. Unfortunately, regardless of the circumstances, you now face significant consequences because PA police officers often use “careless driving” as a catch-all charge for just about any kind of traffic violation.

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Pennsylvania Careless Driving Charges

Pennsylvania law prohibits a person from driving a vehicle in careless disregard for the safety of other people or property. Common examples of careless driving include speeding, failure to yield, and texting while driving.

Careless driving and reckless driving are similar offenses. The main difference is that reckless driving involves intent; a driver who unintentionally caused an accident or lost control of their vehicle may be charged with the lesser offense of careless driving. Of course, this also means that careless driving charges are far more common in Pennsylvania because the standard for careless driving is negligence, not intent. The good news is that in many cases, it is possible for an attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor and get a reckless driving charge downgraded to careless driving.

Careless Driving Penalties in Bucks County PA

If you are convicted of careless driving in Pennsylvania, you face significant penalties:

  • Jail: Up to 3 months
  • Fine: $200–$300
  • Points on License: 3 points

The fines may be doubled if the careless driving violation occurred in a Work Zone.

Also, keep in mind that a careless driving charge is often accompanied by tickets for other traffic violations, such as speeding, improper passing, and failure to yield. This can result in additional penalties.

Enhanced Penalties for Careless Driving Accidents in Bucks County

The penalties can be enhanced in certain circumstances. For example, if you are convicted of careless driving and you were involved in an accident that caused serious bodily injury to another person, you will be fined $250. “Serious bodily injury” means any kind of injury that creates a substantial risk of death or causes permanent disfigurement, impairment, or loss of the function of a body part or organ.

Additionally, if you are convicted of careless driving and you were involved in an accident that caused the death of another person, the mandatory fine will be increased to $500.

These enhanced fines for a careless driving accident are in addition to the standard penalties – including jail time – for a careless driving conviction.

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