Yet another worker at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton NJ has filed a lawsuit against the medical facility for employment discrimination.

Last month, three other hospital employees sued the Trenton NJ hospital because upper-level management at the medical facility reportedly engaged in racial discrimination and employment discrimination against workers.

One ex-worker at the Trenton hospital said that her supervisor often referred to black workers as “dark ones.” The supervisor also used other offensive terms to describe minority employees.

The fourth worker to file suit against Capital Health Regional Medical Center is Cecilia Hancock, a Filipina woman who was employed at the hospital as a medical assistant. Hancock, who lives in Lawrence NJ, worked at the hospital for more than six years. She said that her bosses at the Trenton-based hospital frequently mocked her because of her ethnicity and nationality. Supervisors would often laugh at Hancock because of her accent.

Hancock is actually the second Philippine woman to sue the Trenton hospital. Another ex-employee at the hospital, Krystine Agtuca, said that she was treated very poorly in the workplace because of her ethnicity.

Just like the other former hospital workers filing discrimination lawsuits, Hancock also states that white hospital employees were the beneficiaries of preferential treatment from their supervisors at the medical facility. Meanwhile, minority workers and employees suffering from disabilities were frequently insulted, mocked, harassed, and otherwise made to feel as though they were not wanted at the hospital – the very conditions that would constitute a hostile work environment.

Taken together, the four lawsuits filed against Capital Regional Medical Center indicate that managers at the hospital have engaged in a pattern of discriminatory behavior and harassment.

When the workers went to their supervisors to complain, management allegedly ignored their complaints. Beyond that, management was said to be “willfully indifferent” to the allegations of harassment and discrimination, meaning that they went out of their way to ignore the inappropriate behavior.

Worse yet, it seems that upper management at the hospital may have actually retaliated against employees who voiced their complaints about the discrimination. The four plaintiffs were all wrongfully terminated from their employment at the Trenton NJ medical facility after coming forward with complaints about mistreatment in the workplace.

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Mark Laderman, a skilled member of the legal team at Kamensky, Cohen & Riechelson, is representing all four women who have filed discrimination complaints against the hospital. Mr. Laderman has years of experience taking on companies that have engaged in discriminatory conduct in the workplace. He has helped countless workers file discrimination lawsuits against employers and has helped them receive compensation for lost wages and damages. In some cases, Mr. Laderman has also been able to help terminated workers get reinstated to their jobs.