Are you at Danger From Illegal Police Searches of Your Electronic Devices?

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Technological innovations have brought with them vast changes in the investigative techniques used by law enforcement.  Laws that were written to safeguard our privacy from unreasonable government intrusion and prying have had a hard time keeping up. Safeguarding your digital footprint and privacy in the age of technological advancement has become a challenge. However, the 4th Amendment to our Constitution still limits the ability of police investigators to look into your private information without a warrant.  

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Protecting Your Rights Against Illegal Searches in Trenton NJ

Being indicted on any criminal offense is a serious situation. For most of us the legal system can be very intimidating and the potential for loss of freedom, finances and property is enough to cause anyone great concern. However, even if you have been charged with a crime our Constitution grants us all the rights that should be honored by law enforcement. The law firm of Kamensky, Cohen & Riechelson has more than four decades of experience defending clients who are facing criminal charges across Mercer County and Bucks County areas. Our attorneys will help you through the often complicated legal process with the goal of defending your freedom, your property and your finances. 

Talk to an attorney if you believe you have been subjected to an illegal search and your constitutional rights were violated. If you have been charged with a crime as a result, we could determine if there were any illegal practices during your arrest or in the investigation leading up to your arrest. When we prove that your rights were violated by law enforcement it could result in evidence being suppressed or thrown out of court, and a civil suit being filed to ensure your rights are restored.

Unlawful Spying & Modern Technology as an Investigative Tool Princeton NJ

If someone unlawfully spied on you, your business, or illegally gained access to your private data and violated your right to privacy, you need an experienced lawyer to aggressively defend you and protect your rights from further violation.

Data Collected by Wearable Tech

Data location collected by wearable tech (e.g., Fitbit, iWatch, etc)  have been used by law enforcement investigations which led to murder convictions, as well as exonerations. Most recently it was discovered that the previously little-known Apple Airpod Live Listen feature designed to help the hearing-impaired, is a game-changer because of its ability to enable law enforcement and criminals alike, to eavesdrop on people.

Modem Home Security Devices

Modern home security devices can record not only strangers who may try to steal packages from your porch, but also you and your invited guests.  Voice-controlled personal assistants (e.g., Alexa, Siri, Google, Cortana, etc), infant monitors, and smart refrigerators, are always on and potentially recording or transmitting. And thus lies the problem. Internet connectivity leaves you and your data vulnerable to being hacked, intercepted or legitimately recorded.  Since these devices are in the privacy of your home or businesses, they have the ability to capture our most candid or private conversations and actions.

Alex or Siri

Law enforcement can also obtain information of potential recordings from Alexa or Siri, as in the case of a recent murder investigation an owner’s smart home device, by issuing a search warrant to Amazon. At issue, of course, is that despite the supposition potential recordings might be hopeful, until police actually listen to the recordings of this or similar devices, they do not know whether any such evidence actually exists or would be helpful in their investigation.

Because this technology is available, police use it as an investigative tool to review cell phone records, text messages, and general usage; especially if the owner claims be asleep or in another location at the time of suspected criminal activity. Company privacy policies for devices such as Fitbit, often explicitly state that although it uses the data it collects “to promote the safety and security of … our users, and other parties,” it also says that it “may use the information to … respond to a legal request.”

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