April 14, 2019

Attorney Client Privilege and Your Personal Injury Claim

Attorney client privilege is a key part of our legal system, and in many legal systems throughout history including during the times of the Roman Empire. The attorney client privilege allows a client to speak with their attorney honestly and without fear over whatever they disclose to their attorney being shared with other parties including

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April 11, 2019

Trenton and Bensalem Law Firm Provide Quality Counsel

Our Reputation is Our Greatest Asset Mercer County Injury Lawyers Focused on Their Clients and Their Reputation The proof is really in the results that we´ve obtained. The clients that we´ve settled cases for do come back to us for other legal matters whether exposed to injury, municipal court; employment matter or they send their

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November 13, 2018

Commercial Litigation Attorneys of Trenton, NJ & Bensalem, PA

Commercial law and litigation is a complex and broad area of the law with many different faces and facets. However, it is an area of law that must be taken very seriously by any business, be it a large company, budding start-up or an independent entrepreneur. Sheltering your business from liability as well as unfair or

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October 6, 2014

CR Defends Client in Multi-Million Dollar Commercial Law Claim

Cohen & Riechelson partners Phil Cohen and Kevin Riechelson recently took on the defense of a fraud claim seeking 3.6 million dollars in damages. Cohen and Riechelson represented the clients in Bankruptcy Court and contested the plaintiff’s claims of fraud and piercing the corporate veil. Prior to hiring CR, the defendant was represented by one

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