Injury Lawyers Seeking Compensation for Airbag Injuries in Trenton, New Jersey

March 21, 2023

Handling Claims for Airbag Malfunctioning in New Jersey

New Jersey Attorneys Determining Liability for Airbag-Related Accidents in Titusville, Pennington, Hopewell, and throughout Mercer County Automobile safety measures have increased ten-fold over the past many decades, saving the lives of countless individuals. Still, despite all of the advancements in car safety technology, accidents still happen in New Jersey, and auto part malfunction can fail

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Handling Witnesses Information to Suport Your Injury Claim in Mercer County New Jerse

February 5, 2023

Using Third Party Witnesses to Prove Your Accident Case in New Jersey

A Trustworthy Witness Statement can Play a Substantial Role in the Development of Your NJ Injury Claim In New Jersey, where the traffic is much more prevalent than anywhere else in the country, there are many motor vehicle accidents. Fortunately for those involved in the accident, these motor vehicle accidents are typically observed by a third-party

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January 18, 2023

Growing Traffic Accident Deaths Urge NJ Authorities to Take Action

2022 registers the highest number of fatalities in 15 years, as the number of crash-related deaths continues to grow. 2022 marked a 15-year record high for traffic deaths in New Jersey. Fatal traffic accidents totaled 698 before New Year’s Eve, when more fatalities typically occur, one more fatality than the total traffic deaths in 2021. Before 2022,

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Rights for PA Drivers in the Event of a Car Accident in NJ

December 27, 2022

Options for Pennsylvania Residents Involved in Car Accidents in NJ

There Are Specific Legal Details that Pennsylvania Drivers Should be Aware of When Injured in an Accident in New Jersey For the most part, when you drive in other states and have an accident, your insurance company and its regulations are followed no matter where you are driving – except in New Jersey. As a

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Causes and Common Injuries Due to Failure to Yield Accidents in Mercer County,NJ

December 20, 2022

Failure to Yield Accident Lawsuits in New Jersey

In addition to breaking the law, failing to yield can result in a serious accident. We represent victims injured by drivers who cause accidents by failing to yield the right of way. All drivers should know their legal responsibility when approaching a yield sign. New Jersey law (N.J.S.A. Section 39:4-144) requires drivers to either slow

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December 8, 2022

Injured in a Fender Bender in NJ

Even a Minor Accident, Such as a Fender Bender, Can Result in Injuries that Mean You’re Entitled to Compensation Most people have experienced minor car accidents like fender benders throughout their lifetime.  Accidents where the collision is minimal and occurs at a low speed, leaving very little damage to either vehicle, but don’t be fooled. 

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