October 25, 2018

Video – Trenton and Bensalem Slip and Fall Lawyers

After any slip and fall accident the normal and natural reaction is embarrassment.  And usually a feeling that it was your fault or a simple mistake on your part. If the injury is not immediately debilitating, many people will try to move away from the scene of the incident as quickly as they are able

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October 19, 2018

Personal Injury Attorneys in Trenton, NJ & Bucks County, PA

Cohen & Riechelson is a firm oriented toward results and comprised of skilled negotiators and tenacious litigators who know how to win in the courtroom. We won’t back down. Our team of attorneys includes a certified trial lawyer. If you are seeking an experienced personal injury or workers’ compensation attorney, Cohen & Riechelson is the

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August 29, 2018

Pre-Litigation Settlement for your Mercer County Personal Injury Claim

While movies like Erin Brockovich and The Rainmaker have popularized lengthy courtroom battles where the injured party waits with baited breath for a jury verdict, many personal injury lawsuits are settled before ever going to court. A “pre-litigation” settlement can have benefits for both the plaintiff (you) and the defendant (the negligent party). When accepting a

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August 18, 2018

Williams Law and Swimming Pool Injury Claims in Mercer County NJ

The summer months reminds us of a time for fun with family and friends.  As we are traveling through life enjoying the activities we are involved in under the summer sun a myriad of unexpected events can occur such as motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and even slip and fall injuries. While we are relaxing

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May 29, 2018

Mercer County, NJ Pool Safety Regulations

Coming from one of the longest and dreariest winters in recent history, many of us in New Jersey are ready for summer. And with the summer season come lazy days at public and private pools. Swimming has been a part of many of our lives for years, which can sometimes allow us to forget the

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May 8, 2018

What is Comparative Negligence within Personal Injury Claims?

The crux of most personal injury claims is finding the responsible party and holding them liable. However, not all accidents are cut and dry with only a single at fault party. Many cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, or any other type of accident, involve multiple liable parties. In these situations, is it still possible for injury

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