Our workplace and work space are important parts of all of our lives. It is where we go to contribute to our communities, ply our trades and provide for our families.  For this reason issues such as discrimination, harassment or mistreatment in the workplace can cause high amounts of stress and worry as well as be both financially and emotionally disastrous. Moreover, because of our financial security and that of our families is based on our employment, we may feel fearful of repercussions if we speak out. However, it is important to remember that strict employment law governs the treatment of workers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the United States. These laws dictate the treatment and safety of workers and provide avenues for relief and compensation for those workers who are not provided with a safe and ethical work environment.

Beginning in 1972, Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson has championed workers and workers rights in Trenton, Princeton, Lawrence, Hamilton, New Brunswick as well as all over Mercer County New Jersey including Bensalem, Northeast Philadelphia, Levittown, Feasterville, Millbrook, Penndel and all over Bucks County Pennsylvania. Our firm is highly knowledgeable and skilled at getting results for employees who have been discriminated against, harassed or otherwise mistreated. Our legal team is comprised of skilled negotiators and tenacious attorneys who know how to win for you in the courtroom. Contact us online or by phone in New Jersey at (609) 528-2596  or in Pennsylvania at (215) 337-4915.

Common Employment Issues KCR Has Addressed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Our attorneys are prepared to handle a wide range of employment law matters, including:

  • Hostile work environment – Employers are required to take precautions to ensure that employees do not feel uncomfortable in the workplace because of race, sex, age, or any other protected category.
  • Wrongful termination – We will seek job reinstatement, lost wages, and compensatory and punitive damages for employees who were wrongly terminated.
  • Sexual harassment – Employers can be liable for severe and pervasive sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Employment contracts – A skilled and knowledgeable attorney can help you negotiate favorable contractual terms to secure maximum benefits and minimize your legal obligations. We can also help you seek damages when your employment contract is breached.
  • Equal pay – The New Jersey Equal Pay Act protects all workers against salary discrimination on the basis of gender.
  • Employment discrimination – Workers are protected against workplace discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or disability.
  • Whistleblower retaliation – Your employer can not retaliate against you for reporting wrongdoing or participating in an investigation into the employer’s unlawful practices.
  • Unemployment compensation – We help terminated employees seek and gain unemployment benefits.
  • Severance packages – We negotiate with employers to secure maximum benefits for employees in the event of job termination.

Trenton Employment Law Attorney Discusses Protecting Yourself Against Employer Retaliation

Oftentimes people are concerned about challenging their employer for wrongful acts because they’re concerned about retaliation. If you’re having a problem with your employer it can take on many different shapes, it could be a discrimination issue, it could be a wrongful termination issue for a wide variety of reasons.

The best thing you can do is consult with your lawyer, we can tell you what to do to protect yourself from any retaliation, we’ve litigator them all and we’ve negotiated them as well.
Come and see us we can help you decide how to approach the situation you’re in with your employer

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The experienced and skilled employment law attorneys at Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson are ready, willing and able to handle your case and bring it to a successful resolution for you and your family. For more than 40 years we have represented workers in a variety of employment issues. We have the experience and skill to help to resolve employment disputes to the satisfaction of our clients. Contact us online or by phone at (609) 528-2596 in New Jersey or (215) 337-4915 in Pennsylvania. Our knowledgeable attorneys will be happy to answer all of your questions and advise you on the most effective legal options available for you.