Should I fight a speeding ticket even if I really was speeding?

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Should I fight a speeding ticket even if I really was speeding? Mercer and Middlesex County AttorneysAlmost everyone speeds at some point or another, as we hurry from place to place hoping to go undetected by police. If you receive a speeding ticket, you should consider hiring an attorney to fight the ticket or lessen the points even if you know you were, in fact, speeding. Unfortunately, pleading to the ticket “as-is” can impact your job, your insurance premiums, and your license.  

Points on your license

Almost all motor vehicle tickets have some number of points that will be negatively assessed against your license.  The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission assesses different numbers of points depending upon the motor vehicle infraction.  For example, you may be charged with speeding 1-14 miles per hour over the limit and receive 2 points while going 15-30 over will cost you 4 points.  You can view the point schedule in New Jersey at  A simple glance will provide proof of the disparity in points based upon the infraction.  

In the case of speeding, an attorney will review the facts and discovery and discuss the case with the prosecutor.  We will negotiate on your behalf and may successfully negotiate the case to something less than required. Keeping your points low is the only way to lessen the chance of insurance increases, costly surcharges, and suspension of your driving privileges.  

Penalties for too many points

License suspensions and surchargesA little known fact is that driving in New Jersey is not a right.  New Jersey considers driving to be a privilege. The benefit of driving is earned by successfully completing all necessary testing and other requirements. Similarly, the ability to drive is bestowed upon you by virtue of your maintaining a valid license, which can be suspended if you acquire too many points from the Division of Motor Vehicles. Accumulating 6 points on your New Jersey Driver’s license will result in a significant surcharge. In addition, acquiring 12 points will cause your license to be suspended. Aside from the penalties and surcharges by the State of New Jersey, your automobile insurance carrier will likely charge you its own surcharges.


A surcharge is a fine assessed by the state as a result of your driving record.  The amount of the surcharge depends on the number of points and the infractions on the roadway. The basic surcharge is $150 for the first 6 points and $25 per point beyond the initial 6.  However, some tickets will require extremely high surcharges and your points quickly accumulate. This is easily demonstrated in the case of a DUI. If you are found guilty of a DUI, you will be assessed a surcharge of $1000 per year for three years. See here:


If you have the misfortune of accumulating 12 points or more, the Motor Vehicle Commission will suspend your driving privileges in this State. Continuing to drive while suspended often results in more tickets, additional suspensions, and even more surcharges.  Once surcharges are assessed, you have no choice but to pay them (even if you live outside of the state). See here for more information:

Insurance Surcharges

Motor Vehicle insurance companies will assess you a surcharge in addition to the State of New Jersey.  Companies asses fees based upon your driving record and the cost of the policy can become so expensive that you cannot afford to drive.  Every ticket that you plead to, including speeding, contributes to the accumulation of points and surcharges. This is why it may be in your best interest to fight the ticket for speeding and at the very least try to reduce the points you currently face.

Fighting the tickets

Paying the ticket without knowing the consequences can come back to haunt you. The only way to avoid points is to fight your speeding tickets. Our attorneys know how to fight speeding tickets and will aggressively represent your interests. Contact KCR today for help defending your case. 

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