Wrong-Way Highway Accidents In New Jersey Cause Fatal Injuries

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Wrong-Way Highway Accidents In New Jersey Cause Fatal InjuriesNew Jersey highways are frequent auto accident scenarios happening at any given hour, having wrong-way car crashes scored as the most disastrous kind. Wrong-way collisions are classified by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) as “one of the most serious types of highway accidents” and describes them as “collisions involving vehicles traveling the wrong way on high-speed divided highways.” In wrong-way collisions, injuries are thought of as fatal or life-threatening because they usually develop on highways with posted high-speed limits.

A Fatal Wrong-way Accident To Prove The Theory

Back in 2019, NBC New York reported a severe multi-vehicle wrong-way collision that left a toll of three fatal victims, located at the Parsippany-Troy Hills area, on Interstate 80 in New Jersey. This terrible accident highlights the devastating degree of wrong-way auto accidents and the utmost importance of complying with safe-driving precautions while being a motor vehicle driver. For this particular collision example, authorities ran an investigation to determine if the wrong-way party was DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) when the incident took place. Impaired drivers are the main cause of wrong-way collisions.

The reported collision occurred a little past 2 a.m., early on a Friday, approaching mile marker 45 going East on Interstate 80. Several motor vehicles were “completely destroyed,” while “at least one of the motor vehicles seemed to have caught on fire.” One male and two females died in the car accident. The driver of the vehicle traveling the wrong way was immediately driven to the hospital. Deputies indicated they were “considering the possibility the at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” No data indicating whether there were any survivors of the collision or the exact number of motor vehicles involved was documented at the time of the incident.

Additional Facts About Wrong-Way Auto Collisions

The following are some figures and facts shared by the NTSB about wrong-way auto accidents:

  • Additional Facts About Wrong-Way Auto CollisionsOver 60% of the wrong-way crash at-fault drivers appeared to have signs of some alcohol use, compared to only close to 6% of drivers involved in accidents as “right-way” drivers;
  • Nearly 10% of wrong-way collision at-fault drivers who had drunk alcohol were found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) between 0.08 and 0.15;
  • Approximately 60% of drivers confirmed to be at-fault for wrong-way collisions and who demonstrated signs of alcohol use, were confirmed to have a high BAC, equal to or above 0.15;
  • Roughly 10% of wrong-way drivers have previous convictions due to DUI or DWI (driving while intoxicated) within three years before the wrong-way crash taking place;
  • The fatality rate on wrong-way collisions ranges from 12 to 27 times the fatality rate of other highway incidents,
  • Almost 22% of wrong-way crashes are considered as life-threatening, compared to less than 1% fatality on any other king of highway auto collision;
  • An increased percentage of fatal wrong-way accidents happen yearly, adding up to nearly 360 fatalities each year.

If you or someone you love got hurt in a wrong-way crash or DUI collision, you should get in touch with a car accident lawyer.

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Limited Right to Sue Versus Unlimited Right to Sue

When drivers choose their car insurance policy in New Jersey, one of the most important decisions they will make is the choice between the “limited right to sue”, or an “unlimited right to sue”.

While unlimited policies will certainly cost more, they may be preferable due to how injury compensation works when it comes to car accident injuries in New Jersey, and here’s why:

Car Accident Injury Compensation, New Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers

When a person is injured in a car accident, it is their own insurance policy, and not the policy of the other driver, which covers their damages like medical expenses and lost income. However, those policies have a limit, and many people choose the $15,000 minimum coverage for their car insurance policies.

Considering the rising cost of health care, this $15,000 may not go very far, and when this is the case, it may be necessary to recover compensation for your damages from the other driver’s insurance policy. This is where unlimited right to sue or a limited right to sue comes into play.

Limited Right to Sue versus Unlimited Right to Sue, Lawrence Car Accident Injury Attorneys

When an injured driver’s own coverage is insufficient for compensating their medical expenses and lost income, they may instead need to file a car accident injury claim with the other driver. However, if the injured driver selected a limited right to sue insurance policy, they can only file such an injury claim in the case of:

  • Disfigurement or Serious Scarring
  • Permanent Disability
  • Loss of a fetus
  • Death

This means that for things like spinal cord injuries, which may not necessarily be permanent injuries but can certainly result in severe short-medium term damages, the injured driver most likely will not be able to recover compensation for these injuries.

On the other hand, if the injured driver has selected an unlimited right to sue policy, they can file a car accident injury claim for any damages beyond what their own insurance policy covers.

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So while the insurance company may present the limited right to sue option as a way for you to save money, the fact of the matter is that it is an extreme risk to choose this option. With that being said, any time you are injured in a car accident, truck accident, or a motorcycle accident, one of the most important things you can do is to speak with an experienced injury attorney in order to gain a better understanding of how your insurance policy may affect your ability to recover compensation for your damages, and ultimately help you to secure the compensation you need and deserve.

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