Worst States to Drive – New Jersey and Pennsylvania Make the List

Learn more about what one report found about some of the country’s best – and worst – places to own and operate a vehicle.

Worst States to Drive - New Jersey and Pennsylvania Make the ListWhat makes a good place to drive? Well, WalletHub has developed 31 key metrics across four main categories for determining which are the best – and which are the worst – states in which to drive. In its 2021 annual report Best & Worst States to Drive, Wallet Hub compared states across the four categories of traffic and infrastructure, cost of ownership and maintenance, safety, and access to autos and auto maintenance. Some of the breakout metrics include road quality, rush hour traffic, the prevalence of auto mechanics, auto maintenance costs, and average gas prices.

So how did Pennsylvania and New Jersey rank? Well, according to the report, New Jersey is the 42nd best state to drive in according to WalletHub’s 31 key metrics — this means that it’s the 9th worst state in which to drive. This might come as a surprise to some urban New Jersey drivers, who could expect a much poorer showing, given the extent of some areas’ rush hours and the size of potholes to be found. Pennsylvania ranked a bit higher, despite climate challenges creating rough road conditions and dense traffic in packed cities like Philly, The slightly better ranking could even be a surprise to some of Pennsylvania’s rural drivers, who enjoy municipal care for roadways and not a lot of traffic, and would expect the ranking to be more generous.

Overall, the top five states to operate and own a vehicle in the United States are Iowa, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, and Nebraska. These rankings are largely due to the sprawling countrysides that certainly helped out the rush hour statistics; and the states also have quality road conditions, relatively low gas prices, and manageable auto insurance rates.

What about the Worst States?

On the flip side of things are the country’s five worst states in which to drive: Hawaii (worst), followed by Rhode Island, Washington, California, and Colorado. The myriad of reasons for such low scores includes exorbitant gas prices (Hawaii, as you could imagine), rush hours from hell (California), and spotty road conditions (Colorado, due largely to inclement weather).

Read on for further facts on where to drive (hint: you’re not so bad off in Pennsylvania, and you’re practically doomed if you’re in New Jersey).

WalletHub reported that California is the state with the most auto repair garages in relation to its population. The state with the fewest? Hawaii.

While the report focused on intrastate competition for car ownership and operation quality, WalletHub did note some interesting country-wide statistics. Of the 195 countries on the planet, the United States ranks 17th in its road quality.

What about the Gas Prices?

As far as gas prices are concerned, where is the best place to drive if you want to save on your fill-up? Mississippi, at $2.91 per gallon. As noted above, Hawaii took the cake for the highest gas prices at $3.66 per gallon. Currently, Pennsylvania’s regular gas prices are $3.34 per gallon. New Jersey currently averages $3.22.

What happens when it comes to Insurance Coverage?

Auto Insurance Coverage in NJ and PAAnd where insurance is concerned, you’ll want to avoid Michigan for auto insurance rates — the yearly average quote is a whopping $2,611, in comparison to the state with the lowest average rate, Maine, whose car insurance weighs in at $845 (full coverage). Bankrate placed the Pennsylvania auto insurance average at $427 for the most basic coverage and $1,476 for full coverage. The group noted that the average annual premiums in Pennsylvania are beneath that of the national averages. This has to do with many factors, including the fact that the state requires all vehicle owners to have basic liability coverage, as well as the fact that the state’s insurance providers augment or decrease their premiums based on such driver factors like age and driving history. As far as New Jersey is concerned, Bankrate placed New Jersey auto insurance average at $847 for the state minimum coverage and $1757 for average full coverage.

So are there ways around accepting that Pennsylvania and New Jersey are some of the worst states to drive in in the country? Not really. While there is an influx of ride-sharing options, and private and public transportation options are always available, the winter weather makes it difficult for municipalities to keep up with repairing ice- and sleet-created potholes; and, despite options for public or shared transportation, in this pandemic-era period, many people are opting to take their own vehicle on the roads.

You can help improve the states’ standings in small ways like being a safe, defensive driver, and carpooling where available. Switch to a hybrid or electric automobile if it’s financially possible for you. Walk or bike to work, or work from home and hitch a ride with a friend you’re going out to meet for drinks. Together, we can make Pennsylvania a safer and more pleasurable place to drive, at least by a bit.

The most common types of injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents in NJ and PA

The following are common injuries associated with vehicular accidents. Though this list is expansive, it by no represents all of the types of injuries that can occur.

  • Bruising/Contusions- It is important to note that even the most minor of car accidents can cause bruises. Even seat belts, which are designed to you from serious harm, can leave you with varying degrees of bruising.
  • Whiplash- The myriad of forces that occur in a motor vehicle accident can cause your body to move in ways that can be very harmful and traumatic. An experience of pain or discomfort in the neck and back after a collision can mean that you have sustained whiplash; strains to your muscles and ligaments. These strains can be painful and take several weeks to recover, however, whiplash rarely results in permanent injury on its own.
  • Neck/Back injuriesAs is the case with whiplash, the intense and rapid force that your body sustains during a collision may cause serious damage to your body that may not be immediately apparent. These may include herniation or ruptures of the discs in your spine. This type of serious injury can be very painful and limit your mobility. Though not always permanent, these types of injuries often take a long time to heal.
  • ConcussionsDuring any collision, a concussion is a risk given that one can easily hit their head on parts of a car. In fact, sudden movement of the head with no impact can also cause a concussion. It is important to remember that prompt treatment for any kind of head injury is crucial.
  • Traumatic Brain InjuriesThese types of injuries are always serious and can have potentially life-altering effects. Any traumatic brain injury can change the way your brain functions, handles information, and processes emotions. Although, thanks to advances in modern medicine, one can recover from a brain injury to some degree, depending on the type and severity of the damage, treating it may be a lifelong process.
  • Post-traumatic Stress DisorderWith anyone who undergoes a situation of extreme stress – as is the case with a serious car accident – there is always the potential to develop emotional and mental conditions such as PTSD. Symptoms may include being scared of driving after an accident, avoiding certain sounds or images that are associated with the collision or even sleeping problems due to anxiety or nightmares.

If you have been involved in an automobile-related accident or injury, it is important that you are backed up by a personal injury lawyer.

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In the unfortunate event of going through a car accident, it is advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer who knows the paths available for you and your loved ones, you do not have to struggle with all the processes yourself when you can count on the expertise of a Personal Injury attorney. If all the steps are properly followed, the option of getting compensation is there for you, let an attorney at Kamensky, Cohen & Riechelson guide you from the beginning of your case.

Our team of attorneys has lots of experience dealing with car accident-related injuries and the corresponding compensation if applicable. Our conveniently located offices in Pennsylvania allow us to serve clients in Croydon, Bristol, Levittown, Langhorne, and Philadelphia, while our New Jersey offices cover towns throughout the state, including Hamilton, Trenton, Princeton, New Brunswick, Somerville, Edison, and surrounding cities.

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Types of School Bus Accidents and Injuries

Serving Clients in Trenton, Princeton, Pennington, Lawrence, and East Windsor NJ in all Matters Related to Personal Injury Cases.

Types of School Bus Accidents and Injuries AttorneysSchool bus-related accidents cause approximately 137 deaths per year, leaving hundreds of other people injured. However, there are years when this figure climbs higher. In November 2016, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 30 children were injured, and five others died in a school bus collision. The bus driver was identified as a 24-year-old male who was apparently speeding before the bus flipping over and crashing against a tree, being this a single-vehicle accident.

School bus accidents not only endanger our children’s safety while riding local buses. The school bus is, in fact, the safest place to be if a school-bus related tragedy were to happen. Deaths resulting from school bus collisions between 2001-2010 impacted 72% of the passengers and drivers of other vehicles compared to only 7% of people traveling inside school buses, having the remaining percentage represented by cyclists and pedestrians.

Growing figures of property damage, injuries, and death resulting from school bus accidents can be classified into three main types.

School Bus Collision Against Another Vehicle

Other motor vehicles are involved in nearly 75% of all school bus accident tragedies. An average family car is much lighter and smaller than a school bus, which is basically a truck, causing large damage and considerable injuries.

School bus routes are used during mornings and afternoons, affecting the regular traffic, slowing it down, and forcing other drivers to navigate otherwise easy-flowing roads. In other words, running late in your regular commute having a bus in front of you means the speed limit will drop to only 15 mph instead of the typical 45mph, including several stops to pick up or drop off children.

School bus drivers are sometimes found at fault for these motor vehicle accidents due to reckless driving, causing injuries such as fractured bones, whiplash syndrome, and even death.

School Bus Accident Involving Pedestrians

One cyclist or pedestrian is hit and killed by a moving school bus approximately once a month in the U.S. If the victim survives, they might suffer from extensive injuries ranging from fractured bones to paralysis. Whether you are a pedestrian or a vehicle driver, Complying with road safety regulations becomes of utmost importance during the school year (in-person school sessions).

Although crossing guards regulate traffic, they often halt traffic randomly filling the road with pedestrians. Pedestrians and cyclists could very easily get impacted by a distracted bus driver or a driver rolling through a stop sign, especially considering a large bus offers very poor visibility at a close range.

Bus Occupants Involved In School Bus Accidents

On average, over 23 million children in the U.S. are transported by school buses daily, and studies report that up to 17,000 injuries happen yearly inside those buses. Nearly 42% of the injuries result from actual school bus accidents, meaning that a larger percentage of the injuries are only minor scraping and bruising when occupants get on or off the bus or because of the bus not being in optimal conditions.

Bus Occupants Involved In School Bus AccidentsChildren between 11 and 14 years old sustained approximately half of the injuries, abrasions, strains, head injuries, and sprains shown as the most common ones. Unfortunately, nearly 7% of all school bus incident-related injuries happening onboard result in a child’s death.

Options are available to protect your family and children from situations that seem too hard to prevent, like school bus accidents. Study road regulations applicable to your state, avoid distractions while driving, maintain a safe distance from school buses traveling on the same road as you.

Learn more about personal injury claims and what they entail here: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_education/resources/law_issues_for_consumers/personalinjury/

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If you or your child are the victims of a tragic school bus accident, either as a pedestrian, cyclist, bus occupant, or another vehicle driver, you might have a personal injury or wrongful death claim; you are entitled to seek legal advice to discuss how to better recover from your losses.

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Tractor Trailer Accident on NJ Turnpike Attorneys

Three injured on the NJ Turnpike as a tractor-trailer overturns in Woodbridge NJ

Tractor Trailer Accident on NJ Turnpike AttorneysIt has been reported that least three people were injured when a tractor-trailer carrying garbage overturned on the New Jersey Turnpike on Wednesday morning. The crash occurred on the Turnpike, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, north of Interchange 10 around 6 a.m.

The tractor-trailer collided with a passenger car and the truck overturned, landed onto its side, facing the wrong direction on the roadway.  The content of the truck spilled debris over the road.  Southbound traffic on the Turnpike had been diverted around the vehicles and road debris.

Two Needed Medical attention at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center following the Truck Accident

Two people in the passenger car were taken to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center. Their condition is not known and earlier reports do not disclose the occupants’ injuries.  It was reported that the driver of the truck had been treated at the accident scene.

Auto Accident Statistics in NJ

The New Jersey Department of Transportation released the number of car accidents that occurred in New Jersey from 2001 through 2018.  In 2018, there were 278,413 crashes, which means that there 762 car accidents per day.  While not the highest reported crashes since 2001, the number of accidents that occurred in 2018 was the highest number of motor vehicle accidents since 2004.

There were 17,082 crashes that occurred on the Interstate system in New Jersey in 2018 as reported by the New Department of Transportation.  Reportedly, the New Jersey Counties with the highest number of motor vehicle crashes in 2018 were Essex (30,078), Bergen (29,459), and Middlesex (28,965).

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Car Accident Statistics in New Jersey

Mercer and Middlesex County Attorneys Review Fatal Auto Accident Statistics in 2020

The New Jersey State Police recently released crash statistics revealing that New Jersey is continuing to a decrease in the amount of fatal motor vehicle accidents. The number of Fatal accidents, Year to date 2020, compared the same time last year are reportedly down approximately 11 percent.  The reduced fatal crashes have resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of fatalities by approximately 5.4 percent.

The lower amount of fatal accidents and persons killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2020 is a larger percentage decrease than from the same time period in 2019. The New Jersey statistic includes victims of accidents as being drivers of cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Total 2020 Auto Accident Fatalities in New Jersey to Date

Statistics from the New Jersey State Police website, provide the number of accidents and fatalities in the State of New Jersey, broken down by County so far in 2020. The number of fatal accidents in NJ to date total approximately 184, with the number of fatalities just shy of 200 at 199. Of the total accidents and fatalities, here is a breakdown of the data surrounding total fatalities by county in NJ:

  • Mercer County – 3
  • Middlesex County – 24
  • Somerset County – 7
  • Hunterdon County – 2
  • Monmouth County – 10
  • Ocean County – 11
  • Morris County – 5
  • Sussex County – 4
  • Warren County – 2
  • Passaic County – 12
  • Bergen County – 20
  • Essex County – 10
  • Union County – 10
  • Hudson County – 8
  • Burlington County – 12
  • Camden County – 14
  • Atlantic County – 12
  • Gloucester County – 16
  • Salem County – 6
  • Cumberland County – 9
  • Cape May County – 2

An Experienced Auto Accident and Injury Law Firm Serving Clients Across New Jersey and Pennsylvania

For those that have lost family members in a fatal accident, our hearts at Kamensky Cohen Riechelson go out to you. We have represented and guided many family members through the legal process of being compensated for their loved ones that were lost. We understand that decreased in fatal accidents are not low enough.

We have many years of successfully obtaining compensation for the loss of a husband, wife, child, and parent. While it is our sincere wish that no one experience such a huge loss, we are mindful of the pain and suffering that results from the loss of a loved one.

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The Importance of a Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney in NJ

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys Serving Clients with Truck Accident-Related cases in Princeton, Ewing, Hamilton, Pennington and across Mercer County, NJ

Why You Need A Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident AttorneyAccording to the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, truck accident deaths continue to increase dramatically each year.  Since 2009, truck accident-related fatalities have risen by 41 percent, a statistic that would not be tolerated in any other industry.

Truck accidents are among the most serious motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey (NJ) and Pennsylvania (PA), especially since these roads are frequently packed with commercial trucks transporting large loads or cargo. When careless truck drivers and poorly maintained trucks enter our streets and highways, they can cause catastrophic injuries and property damage. In the worst cases, commercial vehicle accidents can result in wrongful death.

Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson is a New Jersey law firm that assists clients with personal injury claims throughout both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We know what it takes to win a commercial vehicle and truck accident case. Our litigation team has achieved successful verdicts and settlements for pedestrians and joggers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other motorists injured in commercial vehicle-related accidents throughout Mercer County, NJ, including Princeton, Hopewell, and West Windsor. We are here to offer you experienced advice and strong advocacy because we are sensitive to clients’ needs and we believe that every client deserves personalized attention.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Mercer and Middlesex County, NJ

A significant number of truck accidents in NJ and PA involve 10,000-pound business or commercial vehicles, which contribute to interstate commerce.

Commercial vehicles are governed by a complex set of federal and state regulations that require truck drivers and truck companies to meet certain requirements in order to operate a commercial vehicle on an NJ or PA roadway. When these parties fail to meet their legal obligations, their negligence can result in devastating damage to life and property, and life-changing, catastrophic personal injury.

Significant accident causes that can result in you filing a truck accident personal injury claim:

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Trenton County, NJ

Some truck accident cases also involve workers’ compensation claims. That’s why you should make sure that your attorney has a background in personal injury law and workers’ compensation law.

Reasons to Consult a Truck Accident Lawyer to Fight for Your Cause

You need to know if other people, apart from the truck driver, are also accountable. The average commercial vehicle or truck accident case can involve multiple parties (i.e., truck operator, trucking firm, the truck owner, and manufacturer of the truck or truck components).

A truck accident lawyer can shoulder the responsibility and allow you to recover from your injuries in peace. If more than one person is at fault, you’re entitled to name them when you file a  personal injury compensation claim.

It’s important to gather as many facts as possible if you’re planning to file a compensation claim in a truck accident. The personal injury lawyers at Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson will fight to get you maximum compensation for your truck accident injuries by:

  • helping you understand your rights
  • guiding you through the complicated legal process
  • keeping your medical records and bills organized and staying up to date on your medical care
  • investigating and gathering evidence identifying the parties responsible whose negligence may have indirectly led to your accident
  • handling complicated negotiations with the insurance companies who may try to decrease your claims
  • building a strong case to help you secure the settlement that satisfies your demands and what you deserve.

Mercer County Insurance Coverage & Truck Accident Injury Claims Lawyers

Mercer County Insurance Coverage & Truck Accident Injury Claims Lawyers

Any truck used for business must carry commercial auto insurance. Commercial policies have higher coverage limits than passenger cars. According to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, commercial vehicles are usually covered by policies with $1,000,000 or more in liability coverage. These higher policy limits mean not having to worry about there not being enough coverage for your claim. We are committed to helping you obtain the maximum compensation for your losses.

You should never let an insurance company discourage you from exercising your legal rights and pursuing fair compensation for your injuries. If you are recovering from a personal injury, you need to maximize your recovery to ensure you have the money to pay your bills and rebuild your life. Our resourceful attorneys understand this and will fight for every penny you deserve.

We thoroughly prepare every case for trial so the insurance company knows they must treat our client fairly. Insurance companies throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania understand that we are tenacious litigants who won’t back down from a fight in the courtroom, so they tend to be willing to negotiate with us and give our clients the compensation they deserve.

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