What Should I Do if I Am Arrested in Mercer County NJ?

What Should I Do if I Am ArrestedMost would agree that being arrested for a crime can be a very frightening and confusing experience. According to data from the state’s Unified Crime System there were 46,365 adult driving under the influence arrests recorded last year in Pennsylvania. It is safe to believe that none of those people planned to be taken into custody.

Knowing your rights can give you some sense of comfort. Whether you are arrested for theft, traffic violations, weapons charges, drug charges, domestic violence, assault or property crimes, being taken into custody anywhere Mercer County or Bucks County is a serious situation.

Whether you are under arrest or only detained in connection with the investigation of a crime, the officer will usually inform you of the reason for your arrest or detention; however, sometimes officers do not. In addition they may not tell you that you have a right to speak to an attorney and that anything you say to the officer can and will be used against you in any future court proceedings. It is recommended that you contact a skilled and experienced Bucks County or Mercer County attorney immediately.

In certain situations, police have a right to approach and question you. When you are approached by a law enforcement officer, you should consider yourself under arrest when you are no longer free to walk away from him or her. It is not necessary that the officer tell you that you are under arrest for you to be under arrest, nor is an arrest warrant needed to arrest you.

When the police have you in custody, they often want to question you concerning your involvement in the crime that they are investigating. It is critical to remember that you do not have to answer any questions. If you choose to answer the officer’s questions, you have remember that anything you tell the police officer will be put in their report and that your statement may be used against you if you are charged with the crime. Do not be afraid to tell the police that you want to speak to your attorney before answering any questions. Even if you are not guilty and want to fully cooperate so that you will be cleared of all charges, you will be better off contacting an attorney first and letting him or her do the talking for you. Having someone who knows the law can assure that you are not hurt by what could be a confusing and intimidating situation.

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After you tell the police that you would like to speak to your attorney, they should give you an opportunity to call your attorney. If you are not in a financial position to retain counsel on your own, you have a right to have an attorney appointed to represent you.  If this is the case you should tell the officer that you cannot afford an attorney and that you want an attorney appointed before you speak to him. However, only the Court can appoint you an attorney and courts only meet during business hours Monday through Friday.

Once you have requested an attorney the officer should not ask you any other questions, nor should you make any statements to the officer until your attorney has arrived.

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You have a constitutional right to represent yourself in court, although there are few circumstances where this becomes a advisable or opportunistic option. The large majority of Judges and lawyers, if accused of a crime, will even hire other lawyers to defend them. Should you decide to answers questions, whether with or without an attorney, always tell the truth. Lying can get you in more trouble. Also, do not try to bargain with the police.  If the police promise to take it easy on you if you cooperate and answer their questions remember that the police do not have the authority to make deals; only the district attorney has that authority. If you want to understand your options, insist that a district attorney be present as negotiating with anyone else will simply not be an honest negotiation. Again, your attorney should be the one to negotiate on your behalf, even with the DA, and if you are offered a deal, the deal should be submitted to you in writing.

Remember, you are entitled to your rights as designed under the US Constitution at all times. Pressure and confusion can make it difficult to explain yourself, and lack of knowledge of these rights can cause problems in your case that did not necessarily need to arise if you had waiting to review with counsel. Call your attorney before doing anything else, even before you calling a bail bondsman. An attorney can aid you in answering the officer’s questions and can also help you get out of jail if necessary.

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You need good legal representation if you’ve been arrested for a criminal offense in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.  Your best chance of avoiding serious criminal penalties is to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you and fight your criminal charges.

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Trenton NJ Man Allegedly Busted with Crack Cocaine, Pot, Illegal Handgun at Residence

Trenton NJ law enforcement recently arrested a man accused of selling illegal drugs out of his home on Monmouth Street. The arrest was made as the culmination of an investigation by authorities that lasted nearly two months.

The Trenton Police Department and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office opened their joint investigation into the suspect after receiving information that he was distributing narcotics throughout the area. Detectives looked into the allegations and eventually determined that enough evidence existed to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s Monmouth Street home.

When members of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office Violent Crimes / Warrant Unit went to the suspect’s house on the 300 block of Monmouth Street in Trenton NJ, they executed the search warrant. While inside the residence, Trenton police allegedly found illegal drugs that included 10 grams of crack cocaine and a small amount of marijuana. Additionally, police officers also allegedly seized a 9-millimeter handgun (and a large-capacity ammunition magazine) for which the suspect did not have a valid firearms ID or carry permit.

The suspect, a 36-year-old male who lives in Trenton, was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple drug crimes, including possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and simple possession of marijuana. The suspect was also charged with the very serious weapons offense of illegal possession of a handgun.

While the drug crimes carry significant criminal penalties, the illegal handgun charge could result in the most severe penalties for the suspect. That’s because New Jersey has some of the toughest gun crime laws in the country. For instance, the NJ Graves Act imposes minimum mandatory terms of incarceration for individuals convicted of illegally possessing a firearm.

Another factor in any sentence handed down to the suspect in the event of a conviction on the drug crime charges or the weapons offenses charges could be his prior criminal record. According to authorities, the suspect was previously convicted of felonies in New Jersey in 2008 and in 2010.

After being placed under arrest and processed on the latest criminal charges, the suspect was remanded to the Mercer County Jail in Lambertville, NJ. He was being held at the correctional facility in lieu of a $150K bail amount.

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Trenton NJ Man Charged with Drug Crimes, Weapons Offenses after Allegedly Hiding Heroin in AC Unit

Police in Trenton NJ reportedly caught a man trying to hide an illegal handgun and a large quantity of heroin in an air conditioning unit. Now the suspect, who lives in Trenton NJ, faces serious criminal charges for weapons offenses and drug crimes.

The suspect was apprehended shortly after 5:08 p.m. just outside the North 25 public housing complex in Trenton, NJ. Detectives with the Trenton Police Department Street Crime Unit were on patrol in the area of Fairway Drive and Carver Lane, near the public housing building, when they reportedly spotted the suspect standing in the courtyard. The suspect was surrounded by a large group of people, according to authorities.

The suspect might not have aroused any suspicion from the Trenton police officers if he had simply gone about his business. However, the suspect reportedly became visibly agitated when he noticed the detectives walking past the courtyard. That’s when the suspect allegedly began to walk away while clutching his waistband. One of the detectives paid careful attention as the suspect allegedly stopped just outside a window and placed a gun and a white package in an air condition unit. The suspect then walked back to the courtyard.

The Street Crime Unit detectives confronted the suspect and detained him while another police officer conducted a search of the AC unit and reportedly found an H&R .22-caliber revolver and a large amount of heroin.

At some point after placing the suspect under arrest, Trenton NJ cops conducted a search of his person. During the search, police reportedly discovered even more illegal narcotics: 30 packages filled with heroin.

The 20-year-old suspect is from Trenton, New Jersey. He has been charged with a host of criminal offenses, including possession of heroin with intent to distribute and unlawful possession of a weapon. Additionally, the suspect has been charged with illegal possession of a weapon during a narcotics scheme, which could magnify the potential penalties in the case in the event that the suspect pleads guilty or is convicted at trial.

After being arrested and processed, the suspect was remanded to the Mercer County Jail in Lambertville, New Jersey. The suspect was being held at the correctional facility on a bail amount of $100,000.

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Trenton Man Reportedly Shot at by Teenage Drug Dealer

Police in Trenton New Jersey are investigating a recent shooting. What makes this shooting incident particularly interesting is that the victim later told law enforcement that he was shot by his teenage drug dealer.

The strange happenings began around 11:00 a.m. in Trenton, NJ. The victim, a 46-year-old resident of Trenton, reportedly drove to the 200 block of East Hanover Street so that he could find the suspect. The victim claimed that he needed to see the suspect, a 16-year-old teenager who also resides in Trenton NJ, in order to get $80 in cash. It is unclear why the victim would have expected to receive cash from the person he alleged is his local drug dealer.

Immediately after the victim pulled up next to the teenage suspect and asked for his money, the teen walked away for a brief period of time. The suspect waited for the victim to return with his money. A few moments later, the suspect reportedly returned to the area and was allegedly carrying a handgun. The suspect then reportedly used the firearm to fire at least four gunshots at the victim, who was seated behind the wheel of his motor vehicle.

The victim managed to drive away without being struck by a bullet. He went directly to Trenton police headquarters and filed a criminal complaint against the teen suspect.

Trenton NJ police took the complaint very seriously and assigned detectives to investigate the alleged shooting incident. The next day, Trenton police officers located the suspect and placed him under arrest.

The suspect has been charged with attempted homicide. It is very likely that the juvenile suspect may also be charged with crimes like aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. It’s also possible that the teenage suspect could face drug crimes charges.

Thankfully, no one was injured as a result of the shooting. However, the suspect could still be subject to significant criminal penalties, depending on the circumstances of the violent incident and whether he is ultimately charged as a juvenile or as an adult.

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Suspect Shot in Trenton NJ Robbery, Reportedly Has Prior Criminal Record

Trenton NJ police arrested two men who allegedly attempted to commit an armed robbery of two people on a city street.

The suspects allegedly held up the victims along Bellevue Avenue and Fowler Street in Trenton, New Jersey. The suspects reportedly ordered the victims to lie down on the pavement and give them cash and valuables.

The robbery attempt went bad when one of the victims resisted and fought back against the suspects. At one point, the victim who refused to hand over his belongings got into a physical struggle with one of the suspects. The other suspect then pointed his gun in the direction of the combatants and fired a shot, resulting in his accomplice suffering a gunshot wound in the buttocks. Additionally, the bullet grazed the victim and caused minor injuries.

The suspect who reportedly fired the handgun ran off and was later captured by Trenton law enforcement. Meanwhile, the suspect who got shot ended up fleeing the robbery scene and going to a hospital in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where doctors treated him for his gunshot wound. He wasn’t apprehended by police until several weeks later. A US Marshals task force nabbed the suspect after authorities linked him to the Trenton robbery.

Both suspects have been charged with multiple crimes, including armed robbery, illegal possession of a handgun, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Additionally, the suspect who allegedly fired his gun during the robbery attempt has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Sometime after the suspects were located and captured, Mercer County NJ prosecutors later that the suspect who was shot during the botched robbery actually has a checkered criminal past. According to authorities, the suspect’s lengthy history of weapons offenses and drug crimes includes a felony drug conviction out of New York. In fact, the suspect reportedly had an open handgun possession case out of Mercer County at the time of his latest arrest.

The suspect’s criminal record could be a factor in the sentencing if he is ultimately convicted on the very serious armed robbery charges. That’s because NJ superior court judges have leeway to sentence a person convicted of first degree armed robbery to anywhere from 10 to 20 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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