Verbal Threshold in Car Accidents NJ

March 13, 2022

Understanding Verbal Threshold and Its Impact on Car Accidents in NJ

The verbal threshold limits the driver’s right to sue for accident-related injuries in exchange for a reduction in the auto insurance premium amount. There are hundreds of car accidents in New Jersey every year. In 1988, the state legislature passed a law that created a no-fault insurance program that controls a driver’s right to sue

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March 6, 2022

Neuropathy and Car Accidents in New Jersey

Mercer County Nerve Damage Lawyers Besides scratches, bruises, and a broken bone, nerve damage is also a common and painful consequence provoked by an auto accident. When we think about a car accident and the injuries it can produce, we frequently think of broken bones, head injuries, or lacerations. Still, there are a myriad of

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Dealing with a Personal Injury Claim Caused by a Minor in NJ

February 27, 2022

Personal Injury Claims Involving Minors in New Jersey

What Happens when a Minor Causes an Accident Accidents are something we all take care to avoid, seeking proper training and acting with good judgment to ensure that we move through the world safely. New Jersey requires that motorists have training and experience in how to follow traffic laws, and many professionals require licenses to

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Reckless Driving Related Accidents in Mercer County, NJ

February 20, 2022

Reckless Driving as a Cause of Car Accidents in NJ

A high number of auto accidents in New Jersey are provoked by reckless driving, often resulting in serious injuries. Reckless driving is a major cause of car accidents on New Jersey roads. This is especially true when inclement weather conditions make the roadways difficult to navigate, as well as during the winter months when roads

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Facing Auto Accidents with Under/Uninsured Drivers in Mercer County, NJ

February 13, 2022

Accidents with Uninsured/Underinsured Drivers in New Jersey

Although New Jersey Laws Require All Drivers to Carry Car Insurance, Still Some Drivers are Uninsured, Meaning More Complications to Deal with if You are in an Accident with One Getting into an accident is a stressful and emotionally draining process, even more so if you or people in your car were seriously injured. Accidents are

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Boat and Personal Injury Lawyers in Trenton, NJ

January 19, 2022

Filing a Lawsuit for Boat Accident-Related Injuries in New Jersey

Either for work or leisure reasons, boating and water activities are common in New Jersey. Even if you are careful on a watercraft, it’s possible to be injured in a boat accident. Boating can be fun, especially on those beautiful, sunny days, hanging out with friends and family, or doing some fishing. New Jersey has

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