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Heroin distribution is one of the most serious drug charges in New Jersey. There is a perception among NJ law enforcement that heroin distribution is associated with organized crime. This has led to a major crackdown on heroin crimes throughout the state. Even if you had heroin for personal use, you may still be charged with heroin distribution if prosecutors believe that you intended to sell it a later date. It is crucial that you have an attorney who knows how to effectively challenge the prosecution and potentially get the charge downgraded to heroin possession.

Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson is a highly respected law firm that has been representing clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1972. We defend clients against heroin distribution charges in Hopewell Township, Hamilton, and everywhere else in Mercer County. Moreover, our attorneys understand NJ drug laws and will do whatever it takes to keep you out of prison. Call KCR now to discuss your case with a member of our litigation team and begin your defense.

Heroin Distribution Charges in Mercer County, NJ

Heroin distribution in New Jersey is governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5. Even if you did not actually complete a heroin sale, you can still be charged with intent to distribute heroin. Moreover, the penalties for distribution and possession with intent to distribute are identical, so the charges are functionally the same.

Penalties for Heroin Distribution in Mercer County

The penalties for heroin distribution are determined by the weight of the drug:

  • Less than 0.5 Oz.: third degree felony, punishable by 3–5 years in New Jersey State Prison and a $75,000 fine
  • 0.5–5 Oz.: second degree felony, punishable by 5–10 years in New Jersey State Prison
  • 5 Oz. or More: first degree felony, punishable by 10–20 years in New Jersey State Prison and a $500,000 fine

The weight of the heroin in your case may be aggregated if there were multiple drug transactions. This means that you can quickly find yourself facing significant penalties even if you never actually conducted a major drug deal.

Additionally, New Jersey law allows prosecutors to factor in adulterants and dilutants (or diluents) when determining the weight of heroin. Adulterants are substances used to cut a CDS like heroin, while dilutants are chemical that can affect the color or composition of the CDS.

Moreover, if you are convicted of selling heroin to a minor or a pregnant female, the penalties may be doubled.

Civil Forfeiture of Property for Heroin Distribution in NJ

If you have been charged with drug distribution, you may be subject to civil forfeiture. This means that the government can seize your assets and hold them while your case is still pending. If you are convicted, the government may attempt to keep any assets or property that was derived from or used in the commission of the drug crime.

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