Experienced Drunk Driving Attorneys Secure DWI Dismissals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Representing DWI Clients in Trenton & Pennington, NJ

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you may feel as though you have no choice but to plead guilty and accept your punishment. These charges can include severe penalties and even jail time. However, there are ways to fight your DWI charges. That’s why you should never automatically plead guilty to a DWI. Speak with a lawyer before you make any decisions about what to do in your case.

At Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson, we’ve successfully represented all manner of clients in Pennsylvania DWI cases and New Jersey DWI cases. We’ve helped people from all walks of life – college students to white collar professionals – beat their DWI charges. We know that practically anyone can be charged with drunk driving. We never judge you. When you call us, you can rest assured that we will explore every possible argument for your defense because we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes to all of our clients’ DUI cases.

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How Can an Attorney Help You Get Your DUI Charge Dismissed?

You may be wondering, “What should I do if I’m arrested for drunk driving?” The answer is simple: if you are stopped for suspicion of DUI in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, it is absolutely vital that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Do not provide any statements to the police because you will only be giving the prosecution ammunition to use against you in court.

A knowledgeable DUI lawyer can potentially challenge the evidence in your case and help you beat your drunk driving charges. In fact, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer may be your only hope of avoiding conviction and saving your license. Some of the advanced defense strategies and legal arguments that your DUI lawyer may be able to raise on your behalf include:

  • The police officer did not have a valid reason for stopping your vehicle
  • The police officer committed a Miranda violation by failing to advise you of your rights
  • The breath test machine registered an inaccurate result
  • The police officer who administered your breath test was not a licensed operator
  • A damaged blood sample led to an inaccurate blood test reading
  • Extreme weather conditions made field testing unreliable

Call KCR Today. Our Experienced Drunk Driving Lawyers Know How to Beat DWI Charges in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Do not presume that you have no defense against your drunk driving charges. When you have a skilled DWI lawyer on your side, there is no such thing as an “automatic” DWI conviction. There are almost always ways to combat your charges and contest the evidence in your case.

If you’ve been arrested for DWI in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, it is imperative that you take prompt action to learn your available options and protect your legal rights. Please do not assume the outcome will be the same with or without a lawyer. Having a DUI lawyer on your side may be your only hope of beating the charges and keeping your driving record clean. Call Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson, or send us an email today for your free DUI defense consultation