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All persons convicted of a DWI violation in New Jersey are required to participate in the state’s Intoxicated Driver Program. The main component of the NJ Intoxicated Driver Program is Alcohol and Highway Safety Education classes at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC). Attendance at IDRC classes is mandatory. If you fail to show up for these classes, you will not be able to get your driver’s license restored. You may also be subject to additional fines.

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New Jersey IDRC Requirements: Alcohol Education

The IDRC provides education for drunk drivers, drugged drivers, and underage drinkers. Participation in IDRC classes is mandatory for anyone convicted of a DWI. Even out-of-state drivers convicted of a DWI in New Jersey are required to meet IDRC requirements.

In addition to educating offenders, the IDRC provides screening intervention, treatment referral, and monitoring. As part of the IDRC program, you will be screened and evaluated. If one of the program’s evaluators determines that you have an alcohol problem, you may be required to undergo extended alcohol treatment. This treatment lasts a minimum of four months; you may be required to attend monitored treatment for up to one year. You will also be required to pay all necessary fees and costs if you are referred to a treatment program.

Mercer County DWI Penalties: IDRC Classes

The IDRC requirements vary, depending upon the number of prior DWI convictions:

  • First Offense: A first-time DWI offender will be required to attend IDRC classes and be evaluated for 12 hours at the county IDRC facility.
  • Second Offense: A second DWI offense will result in the offender attending IDRC classes and undergoing treatment and evaluation for 48 hours in a regional IDRC facility.
  • Third Offense: A third DWI offense will result in significant penalties, including a requirement to be evaluated for 12 hours at the county IDRC facility.

Costs and Monetary Penalties

A DWI conviction means that you will be responsible for paying for the IDRC classes. You will have to pay a $100 attendance fee, a $230 offender fee, a $100 license restoration fee, and a per diem fee of $75 per day. Failure to pay all of the fees in a timely manner will result in additional penalties, including extension of license suspension and possible jail time.

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