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One of the most significant penalties in DWI cases is loss of driving privileges in the State of New Jersey. Imagine how difficult your life will be if you are unable to drive. How will you get to and from work? This is a real possibility because NJ law imposes mandatory license suspension for DWI convictions. You will also face a mandatory license suspension if you are convicted of Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test.

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Mercer County DWI Penalties: Loss of Driving Privileges

The period of license suspension is determined your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the number of prior DWI offenses:

Commercial drivers are subject to enhanced penalties, including an extended period of license suspension. A second CDL DWI offense will result in permanent revocation of the defendant’s commercial driver’s license.

Additionally, a minor who is convicted of underage DWI in New Jersey is subject to a 30–90 day license suspension or equivalent delay in the processing of their driver’s license if they do not yet have a license.

Restoring Your NJ Driver’s License

Your license is not automatically restored at the conclusion of the period of suspension. You will need to satisfy certain requirements in order to get your license reinstated:

  • Alcohol Education: In order to get your license back after a DWI suspension, you will need to complete alcohol education classes and treatment at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC). Failure to comply with IDRC requirements will not only result in a denial of your application for license restoration; you could also be sentenced to jail time.
  • Community Service: You will also be required to complete any community service imposed by the court.
  • Fines: You must pay, in full, any fines or monetary penalties imposed in your case.
  • Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Surcharges: You will also need to make annual payments for MVC surcharges.
  • Fees: You will also need to pay a $100 restoration fee.
  • Ignition Interlock Devices: If the court ordered you to install ignition interlock devices on your vehicles, you will need to prove that you have done so before the MVC will restore your license.

If you are caught operating a motor vehicle while your license is suspended, you could face criminal charges and possible jail time.

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