Community Service for DUI Offenses

An attorney might be able to help you secure more favorable terms in a DUI case and get the judge to impose community service instead of a lengthier jail sentence. Judges have broad discretion when it comes to sentencing offenders to perform community service. A person convicted of drunk driving can be sentenced to as many as 150 hours of community service. Even a first-time offender is subject to community service requirements.

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Community Service Requirements for PA DUI Offenders

Community service is intended to serve as a reminder to DUI offenders that there is a larger world that is affected by their poor decisions, so that the offender will gain a sense of responsibility to their community. On a more practical level, community service also provides underfunded public service groups and organizations with workers and resources.

The Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole Department’s Community Service program refers offenders to more than 50 non-profit agencies. Typical community service tasks might include removing litter from highways and assisting with public works projects. You may also be asked to speak to drunk driving victims’ groups about the dangers of drinking and driving. An offender might be allowed to choose the organization or community group; however, they will need to file an application and receive permission from the court to work with a particular non-profit group. You will not be allowed to perform online community service.

Penalties for Failing to Fulfill Community Service Requirements in Bucks County

The probation department will typically set the terms and conditions of your community service obligations. The probation department will keep a record of all community service hours performed. Once the offender has completed the necessary numbers of hours, the probation department will report the offender’s progress to the court.

The county probation department will oversee and track an offender’s compliance with court-ordered community service requirements. If you fail to fulfill the community service requirements within a sufficient period of time, you may be referred back to the court for additional punishment.

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