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DUI convictions in Pennsylvania carry a mandatory driver’s license suspension for 1 year. If a person whose license was suspended due to a DUI continues to drive on that suspended license, they are taking a big risk. Anyone caught driving on a Pennsylvania highway or trafficway after their license has been suspended for drunk driving is subject to severe penalties.

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Operating a Motor Vehicle in PA without a Valid License

Keep in mind that a driver is not necessarily allowed to operate a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania simply because the period of license suspension has ended. The driver still must apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to get their license restored. If a person operates a motor vehicle before their operating privilege has been restored, they can be charged with Driving While Suspended.

Additionally, the law makes no distinction between suspension for a DUI or suspension for Refusal. As such, you will face the same penalties if your license was originally suspended for refusing to take a breath test.

Penalties for Driving While Suspended in Bucks County PA

The standard penalties for Driving Under Suspension include an extended license suspension of 1 year and a fine of $200. However, the penalties for Driving While Suspended due to a DUI are more severe.

First Offense:

  • Jail: 60–90 days
  • License Suspension: 1 additional year
  • Fine: $500

Second Offense:

  • Jail: At least 6 months
  • License Suspension: 1 additional year
  • Fine: $2,500

Third Offense:

  • Jail: At least 2 years
  • License Suspension: 1 additional year
  • Fine: $5,000

Additionally, the penalties for a first offense are enhanced if the offender had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above .02 percent while driving on a suspended license or if the offender had any drugs in their system while driving on a suspended license. In those instances, the minimum penalties for Driving While Suspended include 90 days in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Challenge a Driving While Suspended Charge: No Notice of Suspension

PennDOT must notify you that your license has been suspended. If you did not have actual notice of the suspension and could not reasonably have gotten actual notice of the suspension, you might have a viable defense against the charges.

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