Fines for DUI in PA

Fines for Pennsylvania DUIs

Pennsylvania judges will not hesitate to impose the most punitive and severe punishments in DUI cases. If you are convicted, your driver’s license will probably be suspended and you could even be sentenced to jail time. Moreover, you will almost certainly be required to pay significant fines. If you fail to pay the court-ordered fines, the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

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DUI Fines in Pennsylvania

The legal limit for most drivers in the State of Pennsylvania is .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Anyone who is convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08 percent or higher is subject to significant penalties, including jail time, license suspension, and fines.

The fines for a DUI offense in Pennsylvania vary, depending upon the driver’s BAC level and the number of prior offenses.

First Offense DUI:

  • 08–.099 Percent BAC: $300
  • .10–.159 Percent BAC: $500–$5,000
  • .16 Percent BAC or Higher: $1,000–$5,000

Second Offense DUI:

  • .08–.099 Percent BAC: $300–$2,500
  • .10–.159 Percent BAC: $750–$5,000
  • .16 Percent BAC or Higher: $1,500–$10,000

Third Offense DUI:

  • .08–.099 Percent BAC: $500–$5,000
  • .10–.159 Percent BAC: $1,500–$10,000
  • .16 Percent BAC or Higher: $1,500–$10,000

Fourth Offense DUI:

  • .08–.099 Percent BAC: $500–$5,000
  • .10–.159 Percent BAC: $1,500–$10,000
  • .16 Percent BAC or Higher: $1,500–$10,000

Fines for DUI Accidents in Pennsylvania

The fines for a DUI violation may be increased if the driver is involved in an accident that causes bodily injury to another person or property damage.

  • First Offense: $500–$5,000
  • Second Offense: $750–$5,000
  • Third Offense: $1,500–$10,000
  • Fourth Offense: $1,500–$10,000

Additionally, you may be responsible for paying court-ordered restitution to anyone injured in your DUI accident.

Fines for Drug-Related DUID in Bucks County, PA

If you are caught operated a motor vehicle with any amount of a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance (CDS) in your system, you can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). Pennsylvania law imposes enhanced penalties for DUI-D offenders, meaning that you will probably have to pay significant fines:

  • First Offense DUID: $1,000–$5,000
  • Second Offense DUID: $1,500–$10,000
  • Third Offense DUID: $2,500–$10,000
  • Fourth Offense DUID: $2,500–$10,000

Fines for Commercial DUI in Morrisville, PA

In recognition of the unique dangers posed by commercial truck drivers on the roads, Pennsylvania lawmakers set a lower legal limit for anyone who operates a commercial vehicle on PA roads. The legal limit for commercial drivers is .04 percent BAC.

Additionally, the fines for a commercial DUI – even a first offense – are significantly higher:

  • First Offense: $500–$5,000
  • Second Offense: $750–$5,000
  • Third Offense: $1,500–$10,000
  • Fourth Offense: $1,500–$10,000

Other Costs: Ignition Interlock Devices and Alcohol Highway Safety School

The court may also order repeat DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices on all of their motor vehicles. You will be responsible for paying for all installation fees, as well as monthly maintenance costs. Installation can cost more than $1,000.

Additionally, anyone convicted of a first offense DUI or second offense DUI in the State of Pennsylvania will be required to attend Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS). Any costs associated with AHSS will have to be paid by the defendant. These costs are separate from the costs of any court-ordered fines.

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