Ignition Interlock Devices

One of the most significant, and inconvenient, consequences of a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania is a requirement to install an ignition interlock device on all of your cars. Anyone convicted of multiple DUI offenses within a 10-year period will be required to install ignition interlock devices on all of their motor vehicles in order to continue driving after a period of license suspension. Additionally, the devices must remain on all of your cars for at least one year before you will be eligible to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license.

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What Is an Ignition Interlock Device and How Does it Work?

An ignition interlock device is installed on the dashboard of a car. The device functions similarly to a breathalyzer and measures the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The driver must blow into the device before the vehicle will start; if the machine detects alcohol, you will not be able to start the car. The driver must also blow into the device at periodic times while operating the vehicle; these are known as “rolling tests.”

Mandatory Installation of IID for Repeat DUI Offenders in Bucks County

A second offense DUI conviction in Pennsylvania results in mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices. Once your license suspension period ends, you will be required to install the devices on all motor vehicles that you own, operate, or lease.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will issue you an Ignition Interlock License. The license has a red banner across the front that reads “Limited License.” Following a license suspension for DUI, your driving privileges will not be restored until you provide sufficient proof that you have met all restoration requirements, including installation of approved ignition interlock devices.

Additional Penalties for Driving Without an Ignition Interlock Device

If you are caught driving without an ignition interlock device, you will face significant fines and possible jail time. Additionally, your license suspension period will be extended by one year. Moreover, it is against the law to tamper with an ignition interlock system. Anyone caught tampering with the device or attempting to use another person to provide a “clean” breath sample will face serious penalties, including up to 90 days in jail and a fine of $300–$1,000.

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