Points for Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

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Traffic tickets in Pennsylvania have serious consequences. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) maintains a driving record for every license driver in Pennsylvania. Anytime a driver commits a moving violation, they are exposed to penalties that include points on their license. If you get too many points, your license will be suspended.

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Accumulations of Points on Your PA License

Anyone who gets 6 or more points on their license will face a mandatory 15-day suspension of their driving privileges. Additionally, anyone who has their license suspended due to accruing too many points will be required to pass a special written test before they can get their license reinstated. The test will address basic driving issues, including safe driving practices and rules of the road. You have just 30 days to successfully pass the exam; otherwise, your license will be suspended indefinitely until you finally take and pass the exam.

If you lose your license due to points for a second time, you will be required to attend a PennDOT hearing to determine your license status going forward. Your license may be suspended for 15 days. The hearing examiner may also order you to take a special on-road driver’s examination. Future violations – for example, if you exceed 6 points for a third time – will result in another PennDOT hearing and possible license suspension for 1 month.

If you accumulate 11 or more points on your driving record, you will face a mandatory license suspension. The length of the suspension varies, depending upon the number of prior suspensions:

  • First Suspension: License suspended 5 days for every 1 point (minimum of 2 months)
  • Second Suspension: License suspended 10 days for every 1 point (minimum of 4 months)
  • Third Suspension: License suspended 15 for days for every point (minimum of 6 months)
  • Fourth Suspension: Mandatory license suspension for 1 year

Points on Your PA License Result in Higher Insurance Rates

Your driving record is used by insurance companies to determine your insurance premiums. If you get too many points on your license, the insurance company could increase your annual rates.

Points for Underage Drivers in Bucks County PA

If a person under the age of 18 accrues six points on their license, they will face mandatory license suspension for 3 months. They will also be required to pass a written test in order to regain driving privileges. These penalties are in addition to the standard penalties for having too many points on their driving record.

Point Removal for Safe Driving in Tullytown PA

If you go 12 consecutive months without committing a moving violation, PennDOT will remove 3 points from your driving record. Once your driving record has been reduced to 0 points and remains at 0 points for 12 consecutive months, any subsequent accumulations of points will be treated as the first accumulation of points.

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