Labor Law & Human Resources Consulting Services

Serving Employers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Just as an experienced employment law attorney can thoroughly investigate each clause of a contract and counsel you as to its alignment with your goals, a human resources consultant can perform a comprehensive assessment of your business’s structure and function and advise you as to potential solutions that align with your key objectives. The intersection of legal labor issues and human resources decisions is a consistent theme among organizations of all sizes, across all industries. With this in mind, a team of attorneys at Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson has been assembled to address a vast array of these concerns, offering a full range of services for companies seeking to position themselves for long-term success.

In our ever-evolving economic environment, market forces, local issues, modifications to labor laws, and many other employee-related factors have a direct impact on the success or failure of a business. Our team helps to devise and initiate employee/employer practices that anticipate aligning business and employee needs, striking a delicate balance that is essential for optimal performance in both the short and long-term. Not only are we prepared to address legal issues when they reach the critical stage of conflict and resolution, but we will engage with your leadership to develop legally-directed mechanisms for avoiding costly future litigation.

Critical Employment Questions Facing Your Company

All too often, otherwise preventable complications result from simple lack of preparation, generating the “put out fires as they arise” mentality that can significantly hinder a company’s performance. In order to anticipate and effectively address potential issues, it is crucial to answer the following questions:

  • Are you prepared to lose any of your key employees?
  • Do you have a plan in place for executive succession?
  • Do you know what turnover is costing you?
  • Are your employees trained to compete today and tomorrow?
  • Do your employees understand your challenges?
  • Are you in the best defensible position should you receive a formal complaint? (i.e. workplace harassmentbreach of contract, wrongful terminationemployment discrimination, or hostile work environment)
  • Do you know the best ways to buy, sell or integrate a company on a local or global basis?
  • Are you in a high growth, troubled, or turnaround situation?
  • Do your leaders know how to build effective teams?
  • Do you have a formal Employee Manual that anticipates all possible employee/employer issues?

An effective, experienced HR team can help you to address all of the aforementioned questions, offering you in-depth analysis, advice, and implementation strategies. Moreover, our team integrates the unique and indispensable insight of seasoned attorneys who have served on the opposing side of many of these issues, allowing us to ensure that you are thoroughly protected moving forward.

Comprehensive Human Resources Services for Companies in NJ and PA

Merging the perspectives of long-tenured corporate and legal professionals, our team has the breadth and depth of experience to develop sophisticated yet practical solutions, participating in the formulation and implementation of actionable plans that create value, while energizing teams to build and sustain success. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Talent Acquisition and Retention (on-boarding and assimilation)
  • Compensation Practices (pay and benefits)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (including integration)
  • Resolution of Government Inquiries
  • Creating Employee Manuals Specific to your Company and Industry
  • Constructing Employee Contracts
  • Researching and Negotiating Insurance Needs
  • Contractual Breach and/or Non-compete Issues
  • Real Estate Disposition or Acquisition


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Whether you intend to permanently outsource your human resources needs, or to hire and integrate your own in-house HR staff, a ready-made team of experts can provide the guidance that will save you time and money, the real assets of any business. To discuss your current situation and strategic business goals, contact us today.