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Spinal injuries that occur as the result of accidents are serious and often tragic, sometimes diverting the course of one’s life completely. In Somerset County, New Jersey, 18 deaths were caused by car accidents in 2018, and it is likely that many of them involved blunt trauma to the spinal cord. When an accident happens, it is essential to be able to discern the symptoms of a spinal cord trauma, even if the injury appears at first to be non-threatening, as immediate medical attention can mean the difference between full healing and a lifetime of pain and disability. Read on to learn more about what often causes spinal cord injuries, what their symptoms are, how they affect someone in their day to day, and how to seek the support of an experienced lawyer if you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence and suspect the injury involves your spinal cord.

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What a Spinal Injury Means

Spinal cord injuries occur when there is damage to one’s spinal cord, spinal vertebrae or vertebral disks, spinal ligaments, or spinal canal. In severe spinal cord injuries, the part of the body beneath the injured area becomes immobile, causing quadriplegia or paraplegia. While some spinal cord injuries can be healed, and doctors are making advances towards further rehabilitative capacities, spinal cord injuries can disrupt daily routines and the entire flow of someone’s life.

Accidents that may Cause Injuries to the Spine

Some common causes of spinal cord injuries are auto accidents, slips and falls, degenerative diseases, and recreational injuries. Because many spinal cord injuries are caused by blunt trauma to the spinal cord, and its surrounding supports, auto accidents and sports injuries rank high in the causes of spinal cord injuries, especially in Somerset County, where much of the population travels by car to work and is physically active.

Possible Signs of an Injured Spinal Cord

Spinal cord injuries cause various symptoms, some of which signal the need for immediate medical care. Included are pain in the spinal area; difficulty breathing or build-up in the lungs; inability to move one or more parts of the body, or the inability to completely feel with those areas; spasms; and loss of urinary control. While these are some of the long-term symptoms of spinal injury that may occur throughout one’s recovery, they also signal the need for immediate medical attention if the symptoms begin following an accident or injury, even one that didn’t produce immediate pain or problematic injury.

Additionally, if you feel pain or tingling in your head, neck, back, or limbs and can’t place the cause, you may be the victim of a spinal cord injury. To prevent further injury that could be irreparable, it is important that you seek emergency medical care as soon as possible.

How Can a Spinal Cord Injury Affect Someone’s Daily Routine?

Depending on where the injury to one’s spine is and the injury’s severity, one’s life can be altered temporarily or for a lifetime, in small or stark ways. As noted above, some of the longstanding symptoms of spinal cord injury include loss of feeling or capacity to engage the sense of touch in affected areas, as well as the potential loss of movement or the capacity to completely control movement. Additionally, nerve and other damage could cause pain at the affected site and circulatory impediments that lead to such issues as arthritis. Bladder control loss is also a possibility with spinal cord injury, as it changes to sexual function. In a place like Somerset County, making sure you have all you need could include necessities such as having someone do your shopping.

Hiring an Experienced Lawyer who can Help with Your Spinal Injury Claim in Somerset County, NJ

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Somerset County, New Jersey

If you have suffered from a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or malicious intent, it is essential that you seek the support of a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you receive financial compensation for all medical expenses, lost wages, out-of-pocket costs, and required psychological and emotional support related to the injury.

A spinal cord injury is a serious trauma that can require years or even a lifetime of medical treatments, home care costs, and disability benefits, to name a few of the many expenses. Because of the potentially huge costs of such an injury, it is essential that a personal injury lawyer help you recoup all related expenses, even those estimated into the future.

Your spinal injury lawyers can help you document the expenses to date, be the point of contact for communication with the other party’s insurance representative, and negotiate a settlement that honors the severity of your injury and the long-term financial needs you’ll have. If your lawsuit proceeds to court, you need an experienced accident lawyer on your side who can assemble and prove your claim for damages.

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