Permanent Disability and Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury lawsuits are designed to help victims of accidents like construction accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, poorly maintained premises, defective products, and ladder and scaffolding accidents to recover compensation for their medical costs, lost income and wages, and their physical and emotional pain and suffering. When the victim suffers a permanent disability as a result… Read More

New Jersey Initiative Seeks to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

The National Center on Elder Abuse stated that in 2014, 1.4 million Americans reside in nursing homes, while another 835,200 lived in residential care communities. When we entrust nursing homes with the care of our loved ones, we want to feel secure in the knowledge that our family members are safe, and well-cared for. New… Read More

Lawsuits Against Drunk Drivers

In New Jersey, a driver who is found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) higher than .08% can face a driving under the influence charge. This charge is prosecuted at the municipal court level, and is considered to be a traffic violation, and not a criminal charge. However, if a drunk driver causes injury… Read More

Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Case

While the main goal of any Mercer County personal injury suit is to recover compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, the greatest portion of recoveries in any personal injury case often comes from what is known as “pain and suffering”. Pain and suffering refers to the emotional and physical hardships suffered as a result… Read More

Defenses for a DUI Charge in New Jersey

The penalties for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction are very serious in New Jersey, with even a first offense conviction resulting in license suspension, heavy fines, and possible jail time. If you are facing a DUI charge, the good news however is that together with an experienced Mercer County DUI attorney, there are… Read More

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