Motorcycle Accidents and Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Each state in the US is given the discretion to decide what kinds of insurance policies will be available for cars, motorcycles, and trucks. New Jersey is one several states which employs the idea of “no-fault” auto insurance. This means that anyone injured in any kind of car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident will first turn… Read More

Landlords and their Liability for Your Injuries

Any time a person is injured on public property or private property, depending on the circumstances of their accident they may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and emotional and physical pain and suffering through a premises liability claim. However, if the party injured on private property is a tenant… Read More

Work Event Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is designed to reimburse employees injured during “the course of employment”, or for injuries “arising out of employment”. The main benefit to workers’ compensation is that injured employees can recover compensation for their medical expenses and lost income without needing to prove fault or negligence by any other party. However, there is a… Read More

NJ Asks, Are Our DUI Laws “Tough Enough”?

Following the tragic the tragic death last month of two grandparents due to a collision with a drunk driver, New Jersey residents, lawmakers, and the media are examining whether or not New Jersey drunk driving laws are “tough enough”. In the case in question, Frank Cabezas, 23, was driving drunk on a suspended license when he… Read More

NJ “Weedman” Has Appeals Denied by Superior Court

NJ “Weedman” Edward Forchion, whose March 2017 arrest for charges of witness tampering we discussed in our blog several months ago, was denied three separate appeals regarding his arrest and resulting incarceration without bail Wednesday, March 13th 2017. Part of Forchion’s appeals was regarding the Mercer County court’s decision to not include the 67 days… Read More

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