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Understanding How Failure to Warn Works and How to File a Claim in Mercer County, NJ

May 20, 2022

Proving Fault for Inadequate Product Warnings in NJ

What Must be Established when Filing a Claim for Failure to Warn or Instruct in New Jersey We have all seen warning labels on items we purchase and wonder, “Why did they put that on here? It’s common sense.” When the warnings on an iron include, “Don’t iron clothes while wearing them,” we are left

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Understanding the Importance of Interrogatories in Personal Injury Claims in NJ

May 13, 2022

Getting Ready for Your Interrogatories in a Personal Injury Claim in NJ

If you are involved in a personal injury case, you have likely heard the term “interrogatories” used, either because you received an interrogatories request or you are using it as a tool to collect information in your case. In New Jersey, the use of interrogatories in personal injury cases is governed by the Rules Governing

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Personal Injury Law and Strict Liability Claims in NJ

May 6, 2022

Strict Liability Claims: Who is Really Responsible in New Jersey?

Understand the Theory of Strict Liability and what You Have to Prove in this Type of Personal Injury Case In New Jersey personal injury law, an injury victim generally must prove a number of things about the injury accident and the responsible party in order to recoup damages. However, there are cases in which the

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Injuries Caused by Speeding Accidents in Trenton, NJ

April 28, 2022

Injuries Caused by Speeding Accidents in NJ

Speeding-Related Injury Lawyers in Lawrence, Hamilton, Trenton, Princeton, and Mercer County, NJ Everyone has sped before.  You’re running late to pick up a friend or family member from the train station, and you know you won’t make it on time without driving over the speed limit.  By speeding, you put yourself in a precarious position

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Gym Accidents Lawyers in Trenton, NJ

April 26, 2022

The Heavy Weight of a Gym Injury in NJ

Gym Accident Injury Lawyers Seeking Compensation on behalf of Injured Victims in Trenton, Princeton, Hamilton, and Mercer County, NJ People in New Jersey—indeed all over the country—go to the gym or the workout studio for all kinds of reasons. Here’s a list, starting with the most often-cited reasons: To maintain or improve health To increase

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Key Information You Need to Know Before Your Deposition in Mercer County, NJ

April 15, 2022

Deposition Procedures in a Personal Injury Case

Meaning, Purpose, and Process for a Personal Injury Deposition in NJ A New Jersey personal injury case can involve many steps before and during the trial. Read on to learn more about what a deposition is, and how the process unfolds in New Jersey civil courts. What does a Deposition Mean? In a personal injury

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