Reporting Workplace Accidents in Mercer County, NJ

For individuals who work in dangerous industries, workplace accidents can be a relatively common occurrence. Additionally, many individuals who have been injured do not wish to create a disturbance by filing an “official” report. While this mindset is understandable, failing to report a workplace accident can leave both the employee and the employer at risk… Read More

Delayed Symptoms of Traumatic Injuries Mercer County, NJ

In the aftermath of a serious accident, considering a personal injury claim is only one small way victims can protect themselves and their families. First and foremost, it is essential that victims visit a doctor ASAP. This step will not only provide you with the diagnoses, treatments, and assurances that you need, but may also become the basis for… Read More

Conviction Rates for New Jersey DWI and DUI Charges

New Jersey conviction rates for individuals arrested for driving while intoxicated and/or driving under the influence are high. According to a recent report, 2008 saw 85 percent of DWI arrests resulting in conviction. In fact, a national survey completed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration honed in on Ocean County, NJ as a test case for DWI… Read More

Mercer County, NJ Pool Safety Regulations

Coming from one of the longest and dreariest winters in recent history, many of us in New Jersey are ready for summer. And with the summer season come lazy days at public and private pools. Swimming has been a part of many of our lives for years, which can sometimes allow us to forget the… Read More

Trenton, NJ “Weedman” Case Re-Opened this Week

As reported by, the New Jersey “Weedman” is back to his old tricks. Edward “NJ Weedman” Forchion is facing his second set of witness tampering charges in connection with a marijuana drug bust which took place in April of 2016. Since that time, Forchion has been detained in county jail, in and out of court, has… Read More

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