Smartphone Data Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

December 28, 2020

As smartphone usage, capabilities, and technology continues to develop, smartphones and other “smart” devices like smartwatches and sports bands are increasingly playing an important role not only in our everyday lives but in personal injury claims as well. Considering the amount and types of data that these devices can record, it is no surprise that


Compensatory and Punitive Damages in NJ Medical Malpractice Claims

December 20, 2020

New Jersey is One of the Best States For Patient Medical Malpractice Outcomes  A New Jersey medical malpractice attorney can provide guidance, support, and legal counsel as you seek to hold a health care professional responsible for negligence or medical errors. A study in the Journal of Patient Safety estimates that hospital errors are now the third leading cause


Radiology Errors Result in Injury and Medical Malpractice Risk

December 15, 2020

Of the 8,401 radiologists sampled in 47 states have experienced at least one medical malpractice lawsuit during their years in the profession. When someone undergoes a medical procedure or seeks the professional support of a radiologist, they rightfully expect that they will safely and securely complete the procedure and return home on the path to


Key Components and Process of a Personal Injury Lawsuit in NJ

November 23, 2020

A personal injury lawsuit can cover anything from a medical malpractice case due to a product or procedure that causes harm Accidents happen. It is a part of life and a part of being human. However, not all accidents have to happen. Because it is our responsibility as citizens of New Jersey to be mindful


Why Won’t My NJ Primary Care Doctor Treat My Car Accident Injuries?

November 17, 2020

Top 3 Reasons Your NJ Primary Care Doctor Shouldn’t Treat You After A Motor Vehicle Accident. After an automobile accident, you must seek prompt medical attention, whether your personal injuries are severe enough that you are treated in a hospital emergency room immediately after the accident or a few days afterward. If the pain or discomfort


Decline in Traffic Fatalities During Covid-19 Pandemic

November 10, 2020

According to a CBS This Morning report, more than 20 states saw a marked drop in fatalities caused by car accidents between March and May The Covid-19 pandemic that has wrought havoc on the entire planet has adversely impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. Our physical, emotional, social, and financial lives have been put


What Is the Liability of Fabric Mask Manufacturers During COVID-19? 

November 5, 2020

Proactive steps taken premarket can ensure legal compliance and avoid unnecessary liability in the future. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends that people wear masks in public settings, like on public and mass transportation, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people.  Masks may help prevent people who have COVID-19


Car Accidents More Prevalent Due To Daylight Savings Time

October 29, 2020

17 percent increase in traffic incident-related deaths the Monday after the daylight-saving time (DST) Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of setting the clocks forward one hour from standard time during the summer months and back again in the fall to make better use of natural daylight.  But have you ever thought about the


How to value a wrongful death claim in NJ

October 20, 2020

In New Jersey, the value of a wrongful death claim is based on financial impact, and not on emotional loss. Coping with the death of a loved one can be so stressful and emotionally draining. You may be experiencing overwhelming grief and at the same time anger about your loss. You may have to plan