Attorney Client Privilege and Your Personal Injury Claim

Attorney client privilege is a key part of our legal system, and in many legal systems throughout history including during the times of the Roman Empire. The attorney client privilege allows a client to speak with their attorney honestly and without fear over whatever they disclose to their attorney being shared with other parties including… Read More

NJ Marijuana Legalization is a 2018 Legislative Priority

In Governor Elect Phil Murphy’s first television interview since winning last November’s New Jersey governor’s election, he made it clear that the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey would be one of his top priorities in 2018. Gov. Elect Murphy further stated that he planned to sign into law many of the marijuana legalization initiatives… Read More

Motorcycle Injury Safety Tips

Over the last ten years in New Jersey, the state has averaged 74 motorcycle fatalities each year, and tragically that number continues to climb. And while many times motorcycle accident injuries and deaths are the result of the actions of other drivers and motorists, many times it is not. It is hard enough recovering financial… Read More

Car Accident History Reports and What They Mean for Your Car Accident Claim

Any time a person is injured or suffers property damage in a car accident, they will most likely want to seek compensation for their damages through either a car insurance claim, or a car accident injury claim against any responsible parties, with the goal of these claims being to restore themselves financially to their pre-car… Read More

The Textalizer: What Does It Mean for Distracted Driving?

New Jersey law explicitly prohibits the use of all handheld devices, including phones, navigation devices, recording devices, and more, while driving any kind of vehicle. Considered to be “distracted driving“, the laws are in place in order to protect not only the driver themselves, but other drivers and pedestrians as well. Now, lawmakers are asking… Read More

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