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Causes and Consequences of Bounce House Accidents in Mercer County, NJ

February 26, 2023

How Dangerous are Bounce House Accidents?

Bounce houses are built for fun, but they can turn into tragedy in a number of different ways for accident victims in New Jersey. Gatherings of family and friends are meant to be joyous occasions. When children get together, joy abounds. There are many well-known accessories that don children’s birthday parties, school gatherings, and summer

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February 19, 2023

Benefits of Photographic Evidence to Support Your Injury Claim in NJ

How to Use Photographs as Supporting Evidence in Your Injury Claim If you’ve been in an accident, taking photographs of the scene can be crucial to success if you file a claim to recoup damages. This is equally true for car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents in a store or business, defective product accidents, or any other

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Identified Causes and Consequences of Defective CPAP Machines in New Jersey

February 12, 2023

Injuries and Conditions Caused By Defective CPAP Machines in NJ

Learn How Defective and Malfunctioning CPAP Machines May Lead to Health Issues Ranging from Asthma to Cancer Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for optimal health. Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to severe illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, memory loss, and psychiatric disorders, to name a few consequences of too little sleep over a

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Handling Witnesses Information to Suport Your Injury Claim in Mercer County New Jerse

February 5, 2023

Using Third Party Witnesses to Prove Your Accident Case in New Jersey

A Trustworthy Witness Statement can Play a Substantial Role in the Development of Your NJ Injury Claim In New Jersey, where the traffic is much more prevalent than anywhere else in the country, there are many motor vehicle accidents. Fortunately for those involved in the accident, these motor vehicle accidents are typically observed by a third-party

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Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Claims Due to Drone Injuries in Mercer County, NJ

January 25, 2023

Spike in Drone Accidents and Subsequent Injuries in New Jersey

In 2022, approximately 1.74 million drones were registered in the United States, according to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration(FAA). The FAA requires registration of all drones except those weighing 0.55 pounds or less (under 250 grams) and used exclusively for recreational purposes. However, whether smaller or larger, commercial or recreational, all drones

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January 18, 2023

Growing Traffic Accident Deaths Urge NJ Authorities to Take Action

2022 registers the highest number of fatalities in 15 years, as the number of crash-related deaths continues to grow. 2022 marked a 15-year record high for traffic deaths in New Jersey. Fatal traffic accidents totaled 698 before New Year’s Eve, when more fatalities typically occur, one more fatality than the total traffic deaths in 2021. Before 2022,

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