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Requirements to Apply for a Medical Leave After a Car Accident in Mercer County, NJ

October 26, 2022

Applying for a Medical Leave After a Car Accident in NJ

Possibilities for Taking Medical Leave After a Car Accident Injuring You or a Loved One in Mercer County NJ When you or your spouse are involved in a severe car accident, you may suffer injuries that take several weeks to heal. Missing work can be a significant concern whether you are the injured party or

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Explore the Different Scenarios if Your Personal Injury Claim Ends Up Being Denied in Mercer County, NJ

October 19, 2022

The Aftermath if You Lose a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Explore the Possible Scenarios After Losing an Injury Claim When you take a personal injury case to trial, there is a possibility that you may not win.  It frequently has little to do with you or even your attorney exclusively.  There can be several factors that cause your side to lose.  Maybe there just wasn’t

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Know Your Rights and How OSHA Regulations are on Your Side in NJ

October 12, 2022

Compensation for Injuries Caused by OSHA Violations in NJ

Secure Your Rights if You Suffered Injuries in a Workplace Violating OSHA Standards Whether you are an employee or employer, you should know about The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employers in most businesses must follow OSHA guidelines for employee safety. Thus, when an employee injury occurs on the job, employers and employees may

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Mercer County, NJ

October 5, 2022

What Are my Options if I Get Hurt on a College Campus?

Explore What You can do and What to Expect if you are Injured on a College Campus in New Jersey College students are not immune to the accidents anyone else has outside of a college campus. Students slip and fall and suffer assaults, rape, and car accidents on campus. Though they may be injured the

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Undertanding the Role and Importance of an Accident Reconstructionist in New Jersey

September 27, 2022

The Valuable Role of an Accident Reconstructionist in NJ

An Accident Reconstructionist Goes Beyond the Obvious and Collects Valuable Evidence to Build a Solid Claim Getting in an auto accident can completely change your life. Whether the event was relatively minor or tragic, it can change your body’s capacity to function, your finances, and even your presence on the earth or that of your

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Steps to Get a Compensatino after reaching a Settlement ot Winning a Personal Injury Trial in New Jersey

September 21, 2022

What Happens After a Personal Injury Case is Successful in NJ?

Even if you Reached a Settlement or Won a Case in a Courtroom, There are Still a Series of Steps You Need to Follow to Get Your Compensation. If you’ve filed a claim for a personal injury and either settled your claim with the negligent party or won your case in court against the defendant,

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