Dealing With Degenerative Disc Disease From a Car Accident in New Jersey

June 29, 2020

With over 40 years of practicing personal injury matters, our firm is ready to help you. Did you know that back and neck injuries are the most common health problem in car crash victims?  Hospital bills, tests, x-rays, medications, and physical therapy can cost a fortune and leave you stressed about your health concerned with


What are punitive damages, and when can they be sought?

June 25, 2020

In a personal injury lawsuit, damages are sought by a plaintiff to recover what was lost as a result of the negligence or error of the other party. These damages could include medical expenses accrued as a result of the injury, material damages to a property such as a vehicle, lost work as a result


Treatment and Compensation for Burn Injuries in the Workplace

June 15, 2020

Burn Injury Attorneys Helping clients across Mercer and Middlesex County NJ Burn injuries can be serious and difficult to recover from. They may be caused in a myriad of different ways that range from working to everyday life and can lead to lifelong scarring, severe pain, and disability. According to the website WebMD there are


Tractor Trailer Accident on NJ Turnpike Attorneys

June 12, 2020

Three injured on the NJ Turnpike as a tractor-trailer overturns in Woodbridge NJ It has been reported that least three people were injured when a tractor-trailer carrying garbage overturned on the New Jersey Turnpike on Wednesday morning. The crash occurred on the Turnpike, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, north of Interchange 10 around 6 a.m. The


Car Accident Statistics in New Jersey

June 4, 2020

Mercer and Middlesex County Attorneys Review Fatal Auto Accident Statistics in 2020 The New Jersey State Police recently released crash statistics revealing that New Jersey is continuing to a decrease in the amount of fatal motor vehicle accidents. The number of Fatal accidents, Year to date 2020, compared the same time last year are reportedly


Many suffering in silence from Elder Abuse in their golden years

May 20, 2020

Elder abuse has many forms and includes several types of mistreatment and violence inflicted on individuals who are over the age of 60 Over the last 20 years, Stan Lee had become a beloved figure in American life and his death saddened many of his fans as well as other admirers of his work. This


Should I File a Personal Injury Claim or a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

May 10, 2020

Personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims attorneys with offices in East Brunswick and Trenton NJ At Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson, we have successfully helped many clients to pursue both personal injury claims as well as workers’ compensation claims in Trenton, Princeton, Hamilton, and the greater Mercer County area. It is important for our clients


What is a “petty crime” in New Jersey, and what are its consequences?

May 4, 2020

In Mercer County NJ, “petty” refers to a class of minor disorderly persons charges. There is a common misconception in New Jersey about “petty crime.”  According to New Jersey law, disorderly persons charges, petty or otherwise, are known as “offenses,” and more serious, indictable offenses are known as “crimes.” There is also a common misconception


Disability Discrimination in the Workplace in New Jersey

April 30, 2020

Discrimination by an employer or a potential employer because of a disability is prevalent across the country, even though it is illegal. When dealing with matters of employer discrimination, it is important to take on the issue at the state level, because federal protections for employees’ rights in the workplace are not as strong as