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December 8, 2022

Injured in a Fender Bender in NJ

Even a Minor Accident, Such as a Fender Bender, Can Result in Injuries that Mean You’re Entitled to Compensation Most people have experienced minor car accidents like fender benders throughout their lifetime.  Accidents where the collision is minimal and occurs at a low speed, leaving very little damage to either vehicle, but don’t be fooled. 

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Responsibility For Errors Made By Employees Due To Negligence in NJ

December 4, 2022

Determining Responsibility for Borrowed Worker’s Negligence in NJ

Liability Questions about Negligent Conduct by Temporary Workers Who Cause Injuries in New Jersey It is not uncommon for temporary staff or individuals employed by another business to be utilized to meet short-term staffing needs, particularly in an industry’s busy season. These individuals are often referred to as “borrowed workers,” and while they might be

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Getting Compensation for Chemical Injuries in Mercer County, NJ

November 26, 2022

Prevalent Chemical Exposure Incidents and Injuries in New Jersey

Everyone from Construction Workers to Preschoolers can Become Seriously Ill Due to Exposure to Toxic Substances. The subject of chemical exposure brings to mind images of laboratory accidents or factory malfunctions, and those incidents do occur. Still, the risk of chemical exposure exists all around us in the form of pesticides, mold, air pollution, and

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Understanding Civil Reservations in a Personal Injury Context in NJ

November 19, 2022

Civil Reservations in Personal Injury Claims in New Jersey

If a Defendant Gets a Civil Reservation when Pleading Guilty, How does it Impact my Injury Lawsuit in NJ? Unfortunately, car accidents are common everywhere.  As much as we consider ourselves careful drivers, some of us are more so than others.  An accident resulting in injuries can involve criminal charges and civil litigation.  Sometimes it

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Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Mercer County, NJ

November 12, 2022

Life-Saving Strategies for Motorcycle Accident Prevention in New Jersey

New Jersey motorcycle rides in the fall can be an incredible opportunity to take in the crisp autumn air and enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of vibrant fall foliage. However, not every ride goes smoothly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 6,000 motorcycle fatalities occur each year in the US. In New

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Explore The Leading Rreasons to Lose a Personal Injury Claim in New Jersey

November 6, 2022

Top Reasons for Unsuccessful Personal Injury Claims in NJ

Avoid these Mistakes to Increase Your Chances of Winning Your Personal Injury Claim The most common types of personal injury claims in New Jersey are motor vehicle collisions, slips and falls, and medical malpractice. However, any situation in which someone is injured due to the negligence of another can give rise to a personal injury

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