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It’s never easy to place your elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility. However, when the time comes skilled nursing care is required, you may have no choice. You want your loved one to be safe and elderly people are at greater risk of sustaining severe injuries, including a broken hip, a broken ankle, a broken wrist, a severe bruise, or a skull fracture. In a nursing home, you should feel comfortable knowing they are safe and protected from harm.

“We would like to thank you so much for the way you handled our case. You were very thorough and took your time to listen to us. We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication. Now that everything is settled, it is a huge weight off our minds.”
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NJ and PA laws recognize the risk of enhanced injuries for these individuals by imposing special requirements on nursing homes. However, many nursing homes still neglect residents and fail to follow statutory guidelines when it comes to ensuring the safety of the people under their care. Lack of supervision, inadequate staffing, negligent hiring tactics, and insufficient training can all contribute to a nursing home injury.

The skilled legal team at Cohen & Riechelson has successfully represented nursing home injury negligence victims throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our experienced lawyers know how to identify the most important facts and find the evidence needed to prove negligence and wrongdoing on the part of nursing home staff and administrators.

What Kinds of Issues Are Faced by Nursing Home Residents in New Jersey?

Residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers are particularly susceptible to serious injuries due to their age. As a result, they can face a variety of issues, including:

The federal Nursing Home Reform Act requires nursing homes to follow certain guidelines when caring for elderly residents. The law requires nursing homes to provide a written plan of care for the medical and nursing needs of each resident, as well as update the plan of care at least once every 12 months to account for any changes in the resident’s medical condition.

When a nursing home fails to meet its legal obligations and responsibilities, the results can be catastrophic. Perhaps your mother should have been provided with a walker or wheelchair. Perhaps your father needed assistance going to the bathroom. Perhaps your loved one was allowed to wander around the nursing home unsupervised. Regardless of how the injury occurred, the damage has been done. The important thing now is that you take steps to ensure that your family member received the proper care and is protected financially going forward.

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Whether your loved one was injured due to a slip and fall accident, is suffering from a bed sore or is otherwise being abused in a nursing home, we believe it’s outrageous and unacceptable. Your family deserves justice and we are committed to making sure you are compensated for the negligence of the nursing home staff. Filing a nursing home negligence or abuse claim is not only your best chance of receiving compensation for injuries, it is also an effective tool for preventing abuse and negligence in the future.

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