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A Pennsylvania resident convicted of a DUI offense in another state faces serious consequences. That’s because Pennsylvania takes part in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. This is an agreement among 45 states to share information about traffic violations and DUI convictions. This makes it almost impossible for anyone convicted of an out-of-state DUI offense to avoid punishment in their home state. Additionally, out-of-state DUI convictions will be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), which has the authority to suspend your license.

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Out-of-State Drivers Convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania

If you have a license issued by another state and are convicted of a DUI offense in Pennsylvania, you could be subject to significant penalties when you return to your home state. This is because Pennsylvania has an interstate compact with most other states to share information about DUI convictions. As a result, you could lose your driving privileges in multiple states. Your home state may also impose other penalties.

Pennsylvania Drivers Convicted of DUI in Another State

If your license was issued in Pennsylvania, you must follow PA driving laws even when operating a motor vehicle in another state. A conviction for drunk driving in another state will be reported to PennDOT, which has authority to impose license suspensions:

  • First Offense: No license suspension, but the offense will count as a prior offense for the purposes of any subsequent DUI offenses.
  • Second Offense: Suspension of license for 1 year.

Repeat DUI Offenders in Bucks County, PA

Out-of-state DUI convictions will count against your driving record in Pennsylvania. This is significant because having a prior offense on your record means that subsequent DUI convictions may result in enhanced penalties. For example, if you were previously convicted of drunk driving in New Jersey and are now accused of a DUI in Pennsylvania, you could face second offense DUI charges.

Challenging an Out-of-State DUI Conviction

The DUI laws in the two states must be equivalent. The legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If you are convicted of drunk driving in another state but the other state uses a different standard of proof in DUI cases, you may be able to keep the conviction from counting as a prior DUI offense in Pennsylvania.

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