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When manufacturers introduce unsafe products into the marketplace, innocent consumers can suffer serious, life-changing injuries and even wrongful death. You don’t deserve to be injured because a product designer or manufacturer cut corners in order to save a little bit of money. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, it is important to consult with an experienced product liability attorney so you can be compensated for your injuries.

At Cohen & Riechelson, we handle product liability claims for clients across New Jersey. Our lawyers are experienced litigators who know how to obtain maximum compensation for victims of unsafe products, including products with manufacturing defects, design defects, or inadequate safety warnings. We are highly respected for our ability to win in the courtroom, which gives us a huge advantage when it comes to negotiating a favorable settlement on behalf of our clients.

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Have You Been Injured by a Defective Product in New Jersey?

Our lawyers understand the damage that unsafe products often inflict. We can help you pursue full and fair compensation for any losses you’ve suffered. We handle a broad range of product liability claims, including those involving defective:

  • Drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer products
  • Appliances
  • Power tools
  • Toys
  • Vehicles
  • Auto parts

It is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before accepting an offer from an insurance company. The insurance company will likely offer you far less than your case is worth. In many cases, they will try to blame you for your injuries. They might also try to argue that you are exacerbating your injuries or that your injuries are from a preexisting condition. At CR, we have a wealth of knowledge needed to bolster your claim and move it through the legal system quickly and efficiently. We also have access to an array of experts who can potentially testify on your behalf.

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Many product manufacturers are armed with expensive teams of lawyers whose mission seems to be to contest product liability claims. You need an experienced product liability lawyer to combat lawyers who are being paid to protect the makers of faulty products.

At Cohen & Riechelson, we aren’t afraid to take on the tough cases. We will not back down from a fight inside or outside the courtroom. If you or someone close to you suffered an injury caused by an unsafe or defective product, we are here to help you pursue compensation for your losses. Contact us online or by telephone to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable New Jersey product liability attorney.