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Religious tolerance is mandated by law – and with good reason. We live in a country that was founded upon a belief in the freedom of religion. As a result, federal and state laws exist to protect employees against religious discrimination in the workplace. The crux of these laws is that employers cannot impose different work requirements on employees because of an employee’s religion. Although there are already laws on the books which broadly protects workers against employment discrimination, these specific laws are necessary because certain discrimination is unique to religion. Some employers in New Jersey try to impose illegal rules about religious dress, clothing, or hairstyles in the workplace; other employers infringe on employees’ free speech rights by restricting religious practice or worship. If you have been a victim of religious discrimination in the workplace, it is important for you to speak with an experienced attorney.

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Laws Prohibit Religious Discrimination in Mercer County NJ

Both federal and state laws prohibit employers from treating job applicants or current employees differently because of their religious beliefs or practices. Generally speaking, employers cannot engage in disparate treatment of employees based on the employees’ religious beliefs or affiliations. This applies to decisions related to hiring, firing, demoting, and the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment. Additionally, employers cannot require workers to participate in particular religious practices as a condition of employment.

The laws against discrimination protect all traditional, organized religions. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic (Muslim), Mormonism, and Scientology.

Reasonable Accommodations for Religious Beliefs in Hopewell NJ

Not only are employers prohibited from treating employees less favorably on the basis of religious beliefs; they are also legally required provide reasonable accommodations for employees. For example, the employer might need to accommodate schedule changes or shift swaps for employees on religious holidays. The employer might also need to make exceptions for certain workers when it comes to dress and grooming rules. One major exception to the reasonable accommodation requirement is that it must not impose more than a de minimis cost, or minimal burden, on the regular operation of the business.

Religious Harassment in Lawrence NJ Workplaces

Employees are also protected against being harassed because of their religious beliefs. New Jersey law explicitly prohibits employers from allowing a hostile work environment. This means that companies are potentially liable if they do not put a stop to religious harassment in the workplace.

Keep in mind that workers have a responsibility to raise concerns about workplace harassment to their employers. This is especially important in the case of religious discrimination because a person’s religious beliefs are not always readily apparent to the employer.

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