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Permanent Disability and Personal Injury CasesPersonal injury lawsuits are designed to help victims of accidents like construction accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, poorly maintained premises, defective products, and ladder and scaffolding accidents to recover compensation for their medical costs, lost income and wages, and their physical and emotional pain and suffering.

When the victim suffers a permanent disability as a result of their accident, it can mean a lifetime of medical bills and treatment, and large amounts of lost income if they can no longer work in their previous area of employment. This necessitates a more involved and well-researched personal injury case than normal, as the implications of the injuries in question are not temporary.

Evaluating your Mercer County Permanent Disability Personal Injury Claim

One of the first steps you and your Mercer County personal injury attorney will take is to thoroughly evaluate your case. You will need to determine how much your medical expenses have cost to-date, as well as how much they may cost in the future. Rehabilitation and on-going treatment can both be compensated in your permanent disability claim. You will also need to determine how much to seek in terms of lost income. If you are unable to continue in your current line of work, you and your Mercer County personal injury attorney will need to calculate exactly how much you would have made had you stayed in your position, and also factor in things such as potential raises and promotions.

By having a solid understanding of exactly how much your injuries have cost you financially, and may cost you in the future, you can make the most accurate and fair claim for compensation possible.

Proving Negligence and Causation in a Personal Injury Case NJ

In addition to a thorough evaluation of your permanent disability claim, you will also want to discuss and prepare for proving the responsible parties acted in a negligent and reckless manner, and that these actions directly lead to your accident. Witness accounts, police records, investigation, and expert testimony will all be employed by your Hamilton personal injury attorney in order to prove exactly these things. Most personal injury attorneys take cases on contingency, meaning that the expense of hiring these experts and having them testify on your behalf is taken on by your personal injury attorney, and only reimbursed when they recover compensation for your injuries.

Independent Medical Examination of Permanent Disability

Many insurance companies will require you to undergo an independent medical examination during a personal injury case, and especially in the case of a permanent disability. While they are called “independent”, these examinations are paid for by the insurance company, and often are biased towards them. Before going through with an independent medical examination, it is important that you speak with your Hamilton personal injury attorney, and prepare yourself by discussing what may be asked of you, what to expect, and what your rights are during this process.

Recovering Compensation in a Permanent Disability Personal Injury Case Mercer County

Recovering Compensation in a Permanent Disability Personal Injury Case Mercer CountyIf you and your Mercer County permanent disability attorney are successful in properly evaluating your case, and proving negligence and liability, you can recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is a key element of any personal injury case, and often represents the largest portion of recoveries. Pain and suffering refers to the emotional and physical trauma you have experienced as a result of your injury and may continue to experience in the future.

It is important to remember that personal injury claims often take time to resolve, as the parties present evidence, and negotiate for the best possible settlement. Your attorney may advise you when a settlement offer is appropriate, and when instead you should rely on a jury verdict for the best possible settlement. While no amount of money can ever change what has already happened to you, by securing compensation for your injuries, you ensure you and your family’s financial future, and may also encourage the negligent parties to change safety protocols and prevent future accidents.

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