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Trenton NJ Vehicle Defect Injury LawyersYou place your faith in auto manufacturers to do a good job as far as producing a safe and high-quality automobile. In fact, you place your life in their hands every time you get behind the wheel of your car. Car manufacturers have a legal and moral responsibility to pay careful attention to detail and ensure that they do not make an unsafe product. Most importantly, car manufacturers need to provide automobiles that can withstand serious crashes because product defects are a major cause of single-vehicle accidents in New Jersey. The smallest error in the design or manufacturing of an auto part can result in serious injuries. It’s also possible that the design of your vehicle exacerbated your injury and made it worse than it otherwise would have been.

If you have suffered injuries caused by a malfunction in your car, at The Law Office of Cohen & Riechelson we encourage you to go over your personal case with our auto product liability attorneys team. Years of experience give us the confidence to provide accurate and fair assessments of any mechanical or engineering failures related to your accident.

Types of Auto Defects in Mercer County, New Jersey

There are many different types of auto defects which can cause a serious accident. These vehicle defects include:

  • Full System Failure: A post-collision fuel-fed fire (PCFFF) is caused by a punctured gas tank in a rear-end collision. A PCFFF occurs when a car manufacturer designs a fuel system that cannot withstand a crash.
  • Door Failure: When a car’s door system is activated in an accident, the driver or passenger can potentially be thrown from the car and seriously injured.
  • Airbag Failure: When a car’s airbag fails to activate, drivers and front-seat passengers are exposed to serious injuries. Additionally, an airbag can actually cause severe injuries when it deploys with excessive force.
  • Seatbelt Failure: The vehicle’s seatbelt needs to be designed so that it restrains the passenger in the event of an accident.
  • Defective Tires: Tires should be designed to withstand ordinary wear and tear.

Liability for Defective Vehicles in Hopewell NJ

An auto part manufacturer places your life at risk when they fail to notice a product defect. Moreover, they place the lives of your loved ones at risk as well. Product manufacturers have a legal duty to provide safe products to the general public. They owe this duty to both direct users of the product and any reasonably foreseeable users. If a car manufacturer becomes aware of a product defect, they must take immediate action to recall the product so that no one else’s life is put at risk. When a manufacturer fails to recall the product and fails to notify potential consumers, the manufacturer may be liable for any damages caused by an auto accident.

Securing Compensation in West Windsor NJ Product Liability Cases

Contact our Mercer County NJ Vehicle Defects Car Accident AttorneysIn motor vehicle accident cases, it is crucial for injury victims to identify all of the potentially liable parties so that maximum compensation can be obtained. Many times, the party with the greatest capacity to pay damages is the product manufacturer. Not only can you potentially sue the manufacturer of the car; you might be able to sue the manufacturer of the car parts. However, these kinds of defective product claims often require the assistance of an experienced attorney because product liability law is extremely complicated.

Cohen & Riechelson has more than 40 years of experience representing car accident victims throughout Mercer County NJ, including Hamilton, Princeton, and Hopewell. Our attorneys will make sure that you identify all potentially liable parties in your accident and file all necessary documents in the appropriate timeframe.

Contact our Mercer County NJ Vehicle Defects Car Accident Attorneys

If as a result of a vehicle defect you suffered injuries, either because of design or manufacturing issues, the auto manufacturers are liable to compensate you for your suffering, injuries, and the bills you had to cover after the event. If on top of this awful experience, you suffered severe injuries because of the malfunctioning of a defective airbag, door safety system, seatbelt or any other equipment-related injury, you may also be entitled to compensation.

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