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Eye Injury and Vision Loss Attorneys Mercer County NJWe use our senses to connect to the world around us; we take in what we see and process it into thoughts, memories, and ideas.  But what happens when you can no longer use that sense to process your surroundings? Vision loss can turn your world upside down and cause devastating impacts on your relationships, work, and personal life.  If you have suffered an eye injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, a lawsuit may provide you with justice.

Components the Eye and Determining an Injury

The eye has several different components that enable a person to see properly.  The diagram below illustrates the various parts of the eye, which we will explain in further detail. The cornea is the outer layer that sends light into the eye and helps focus the light. While the cornea sends the light through the eye, the iris (colored part) is a muscle that regulates the amount of light that enters the eye. It does this by changing the size of the pupil, the black at the center of the iris, to determine exactly how much light should enter the eye. The light then travels through the pupil to the transparent lens that transmits and focuses the light onto the retina.  Once light is transmitted to the retina (the nerve area), it takes the light and transmits it through impulses via the optic nerve to the brain.

As noted above, every component in the eye is needed for proper vision and any injury can cause a disruption in the process of sight.  For example, an injury can be as minor as getting an eyelash in your eye which causes a temporary disruption, or as major as losing your eye which causes permanent vision loss. There are many different types of eye injuries and causes that have a lasting impact as noted below:

Illustration 1/Source: Medicine.net

Chemical Exposure Causing Damage to the Eye

Chemical burns due to exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to permanent vision loss. While some people may experience chemical burns at home from household products, most chemical burns to the eyes occur at work. Exposure to acids, alkali chemicals, or irritants, can damage the outer layer of the eye, the cornea, which impacts the clarity of your vision.  Deeper burns cause more substantial damage to the eye and your vision.

Punctures/cuts/lacerations/or scrapes

A scrape of cut can be caused by something as simple as being poked in the eye at work, sporting events, or just being outside doing yard work. However, a more serious injury can occur when an object punctures the eye. Metal and glass are common causes for puncturing the eye and may lead to vision loss, damage to the functioning of the eye, or total loss of the eye itself.  Punctures often occur at places of employment or during car accidents in which debris is present.

Iris damage, eye socket fractures, and bleeding

When the iris takes a blow from an object, like a baseball bat, ball, rock, or airbag, or a body part like a fist, foot, or elbow, there can be damage to the iris and resulting vision loss.  When the area of the eye is hit with blunt force, the socket that encompasses the eye can be broken, thereby causing vision loss and disfigurement. Something such as a physical altercation can cause damage to the socket. Many children suffer eye injuries in sporting events when hit with an object such as a baseball bat or ball.

Most eye injuries are the result of an object entering the eye or hitting the eye area.  Slip and falls account for a substantial number of these types of injuries because when a person falls, he or she often hits the area of the eye, causing damage.

Eye Injury Cases involving negligence

Sometimes eye injuries are the result of unavoidable accidents.  However, in many cases, there is a negligent party who should be made financially responsible for your injuries.  Some of the more common situations in which compensation is sought are car accidents, airbag deployment, chemical spills and burns, abuse, employment-related injuries, construction accidents, nursing home incidents, machine defects, failure to maintain the property, and trucking accidents.

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