Cohen & Riechelson partner Jerrold Kamensky is stepping up the pressure in his second case against the American Boychoir.

This is another case brought on behalf of an adult male who was sexually abused while a student at the American Boychoir (formerly Columbus Boychoir) in Princeton, NJ. The case is unusual because the abuse occurred more than 40 years ago. Nonetheless, CR is moving to have the Statute of Limitations extended pursuant to New Jersey’s unique laws concerning sexual abuse cases.

New Jersey sexual abuse laws allow for the statute of limitations to be tolled, or stopped, until such time as the victim knew that he had been sexually abused. In these kinds of cases, the traumatic nature of the injury means that the victim often does not become aware of the injuries until adulthood.

Jerrold Kamensky is passionate about protecting the legal rights of childhood sexual abuse victims. Says Kamensky: “We have successfully argued in the past that children bury the knowledge of their pain and its harm, which then surfaces in adulthood in dangerous behaviors such as drug use, alcohol abuse, or high-risk sexual conduct. It is not always immediately clear to the victim that the origins of their behavior are an outgrowth of that original assault. A ruined life because of adult exploitation of an innocent is arguably the worst kind of assault to another human being. We cannot change what happened, but we can seek some relief and peace for the adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.”