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Families who place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home have high expectations for the facilities. After all, you’re probably paying quite a lot of money to ensure that your loved one is being cared for properly. However, far too many nursing homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been disappointing families in recent years. When a nursing home leaves an elderly resident unattended, bad things can happen. For example, many elderly residents are seriously injured when they suffer a slip & fall after being allowed to wander around the nursing home unsupervised.

Your loved one deserves to be kept safe. When a nursing home fails in its duty of care, the results can be devastating. The experienced nursing home negligence lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson are prepared to stand up for your loved one and demand that they be treated properly. We’ve represented countless resident abandonment cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so we know what it takes to ensure favorable results in your case.

What Constitutes Abandonment and Elopement under NJ Law?

Resident abandonment is a violation of both state and federal nursing home laws. Many nursing home residents should not be left unattended for long periods of time. When a resident is abandoned, it is often due to a failure on the part of nursing home staff or administrators.

Elopement occurs when a resident wanders off and leaves the nursing home grounds. This often occurs when a resident is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia and loses their bearings about their surroundings. Nursing home resident abandonment and elopement can have serious consequences. An elderly person has a high risk of injury and even death when they are unsupervised while walking in unfamiliar areas. They might also be more prone to slipping and falling, whether on the nursing home grounds or elsewhere.

Nursing home staff needs to remain vigilant when it comes to ensuring that residents are cared for and properly supervised. Additionally, equipment such as door locks, alarms, and call bells should be kept within reach and in working order at all times. When a nursing home staff or administrators act negligently, resident abandonment becomes more likely. In these cases, the only way to ensure that the problem does not keep happening may be to speak with an experienced nursing home negligence lawyer who can hold the nursing home accountable for their failures.

Call CR Today; Protect Your Loved One against Nursing Home Resident Abandonment and Elopement in New Jersey or Pennsylvania

When you place an elderly family member in a nursing home, you expect that they will be taken care of and properly supervised at all times. If your family member’s needs are not being met by nursing home staff, you need to take immediate action to protect their health and their rights. From a legal standpoint, winning these cases requires experience and skill because a nursing home is unlikely to admit culpability for a resident’s injury. An experienced nursing home attorney can help you.

Call Cohen & Riechelson today, or use our online contact form to schedule a free, in-person consultation. We stand up for victims of nursing home neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Our knowledgeable nursing home negligence attorneys are here to provide professional legal guidance and strong advocacy.

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