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Colliding with a garbage truck on the roadways is not just a messy occurrence, but also a very dangerous one. The great weight and volume of trash that garbage trucks carry can fall out and create even more damage than the impact of the truck alone or hazards on the road. Garbage truck accidents can lead to severe injuries for those involved and increase the propensity for multi-car accidents.

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Causes and Prevention of NJ Garbage Truck Accidents

Some of the main factors that lead to garbage truck accidents are shared by all types of motor vehicle accidents, while others are unique to the composition and function of garbage trucks. The most common cause of garbage truck accidents is driver error or negligence. Garbage trucks are very large vehicles, and when a garbage driver is distracted by their phone, is overtired, or fails to follow proper loading precautions, serious accidents can result.

Improper loading, in particular, is a common cause of accidents that is unique to garbage trucks. If a driver loads garbage into the truck improperly or overloads the truck, the truck may tip over, or garbage could fall out onto the road, creating a hazard.

Driver negligence can also occur on the part of other vehicles on the road near a garbage truck. Of course, one unique way that a garbage truck operates is to stop frequently to collect garbage from bins. Typically, a garbage truck will have flashing hazard lights on to signal its stopped position to other drivers. However, if another driver fails to see the flashing lights or stop in time, or if a vehicle tries to unsafely pass a garbage truck, these negligent acts can cause an accident.

Like all motor vehicles, proper maintenance of a garbage truck is key. If the closing mechanism of the truck’s back door does not work properly and garbage falls out onto the road, other vehicles may hit the debris or swerve to try to avoid it and get into an accident. If a garbage truck’s lights are not functioning properly, this can also create a hazard when the truck stops to pick up garbage and a vehicle behind them does not notice they are in a stopped position or does not expect a person to jump out from the truck to pick up a garbage bin. Additional maintenance issues can include brake problems and poor tire condition.

Finally, due to the large size of a garbage truck, many garbage truck drivers must operate the vehicle with poor visibility. Large garbage trucks often have a blind spot that makes lane changes very difficult. As a garbage truck is merging to the right, for example, they may fail to see another vehicle in that lane in their blind spot and collide into the car’s left side.

How to Safely and Strategically Respond to a Garbage Truck Accident in New Jersey

Of course, it is important to exercise prudence and caution while driving to try to avoid garbage truck accidents whenever possible. This means not using a cell phone while driving, driving at a proper speed for road conditions, and maintaining an adequate distance between you and the vehicles around you.

If you are involved in an accident with a garbage truck, your first priority should be to move yourself to a safe place if you are potentially in the path of danger. Next, you should call the police immediately to report the accident and seek medical attention. Your health and safety are always paramount.

If you are physically able and it is safe to do so, it is wise to take photos of the scene of the accident, particularly damage to your vehicle, photos of the garbage truck, and photos of the area where the accident occurred. If there is a stop sign or traffic light that the garbage truck missed or may have missed, take photos of all of these details. It is also very helpful to ask any witnesses to the accident for their contact information in case their testimony of what they saw is useful in a legal claim for compensation.

Do not only seek medical treatment immediately following the garbage truck accident. If treatment for your injuries is ordered by your medical professionals, be sure to keep up with this treatment. If you notice new or worsening symptoms, communicate this to your doctor. It is not uncommon for injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident to take a few days to present symptoms.

A Tragic Case Example

A tragic case involving a garbage truck accident in Pequannock that resulted in the death of a 57-year old North Arlington man underscores the great dangers posed by collisions with a garbage truck. In this case, the garbage truck driver, who was distracted by his cell phone, rear-ended the victim, who was stopped at a red light. The victim’s small car caught on fire from the impact, and although the driver and another individual pulled the victim out of the burning car, his injuries were fatal, and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Determining Accountability in NJ Garbage Truck Accidents

Every driver has a duty to drive as a reasonably prudent person under the circumstances. This means not speeding, staying alert, braking adequately, keeping a safe distance between vehicles, and proper vehicle maintenance. In addition to these actions, which apply to all drivers, garbage truck drivers also need to ensure proper loading and vigilance with safe lane changes and the use of lights and other safety procedures when stopping. Sometimes, garbage truck drivers are negligent, and other times, the drivers around them are negligent. Occasionally, there is negligence by both parties. The damage to each of the vehicles can often be a strong indicator of the cause of the accident, and other evidence, like surveillance videos or witness testimony, can also provide insight into the events leading to the collision.

Causes and Consequences of Garbage Truck Accidents in Trenton NJ

Although New Jersey is a no-fault state for insurance purposes, determining which party was negligent in causing an accident can become relevant in many cases, especially when damages are significant. Damages that an accident victim may seek to recover include medical bills, compensation for temporary or permanent disability,

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