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Motorcyclists are already at great risk of serious motorcycle accidents and catastrophic injuries. This risk is even greater when a rider operates their bike in inclement weather conditions. In fact, adverse weather conditions are a major cause of motorcycle accidents. For example, slick roads can make it difficult for the motorcyclist to maintain control of the bike. Additionally, motorcycles are more vulnerable to weather conditions than other vehicles. Unlike drivers of cars and trucks, motorcyclists are not always shielded against dangerous weather elements such as snow or rain.

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Rain Causes Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Mercer County NJ

No matter how safe a motorcyclist is when operating their bike, they can still find themselves unexpectedly exposed to falling rain and wet road conditions. Rain can create puddles on the roadway. If a motorcyclist drives through one of these puddles, they could lose control of their bike and skid off the road.

Rain can also obscure a motorcyclist’s vision while they are driving. If the motorcyclist can’t see the road ahead of them, they might not be able to avoid road hazards such as potholes, puddles, or railroad tracks. Fog poses similar risks because motorcycle riders may suffer from reduced visibility.

Ice and Snow on the Road Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Hamilton NJ

Ice or snow on the road can present a major challenge for a motorcyclist because it is very easy for them to lose control of their bike. Icy roads can make it difficult for motorcycle riders to make quick reactions. One consequence of this inability to accelerate or decelerate quickly is an increased risk of skidding on the road.

Additionally, snow falling on the road can create vision problems for a motorcyclist. This can make it difficult for the motorcyclist to see other vehicles in the distance.

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