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Hotels and resorts can serve as havens from our daily lives, vacation spots, and convenient places to stay while we visit loved ones or conduct business. However, these accommodations also present a host of opportunities for potential injuries, including swimming pool accidents, slip-and-falls, food poisoning incidents, assaults, and robberies. Under premises liability law, hotels and resorts are responsible for maintaining a reasonable standard of care to ensure the safety and security of their guests. This legal obligation extends to the hotel’s transportation to and from the airport (i.e. shuttle or bus), the parking lot, all common areas, restaurants or bars located on the premises, and the individual guest rooms. If they fail to meet this criteria and someone is injured as a result, the hotel or resort may be found negligent and therefore, liable for compensating the injured victim.

At Cohen & Riechelson, we work tirelessly to ensure that negligent parties are held accountable and that our clients receive the compensation that they deserve. When confronted with a case, we will accumulate and organize all of the available evidence to support your claim, including a medical assessment of your injuries and necessary treatment, an analysis of the circumstances that preceded the event, and photographs documenting the site of the incident. Compiling and constructing a compelling argument on your behalf is our priority as we work toward obtaining just compensation for you or your loved one. To discuss the specific issues associated with your hotel or resort injury with a member of our legal team free of charge, contact our Hamilton and Pennington, New Jersey offices at (609) 528-2596.

Hotel and Resort Accident Injuries in New Jersey

As mentioned above, there are a variety of accidents that can occur on the premises of a hotel or resort, some of which may have been prevented if proper precautions were taken by hotel management or staff. Some of the most frequent accidents at hotels and resorts include:

  • Swimming pool accidents: Slippery surfaces surrounding the pool, as well as unmarked shallow areas that are unsafe for diving, can cause serious injuries
  • Assaults and robberies: Failing to maintain adequate security can allow criminals to prey on defenseless guests, who may be the victims of assaults, robberies, and other forms of criminal behavior
  • Food poisoning: Patrons can become ill if restaurants fail to maintain sanitary conditions, serve food that has passed its expiration date, or have employees who do not use caution (i.e. hand-washing, etc). when handling food
  • Alcohol-related injuries: Can be caused by the negligent service of alcohol, leading to car accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, assaults involving intoxicated patrons, and alcohol poisoning for individuals who are over-served
  • Slip-and-falls: These incidents can occur in common areas that are not kept dry or free from debris, hallways with worn or uneven carpeting, and parking lots that are not safely maintained during snow and other winter weather

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If you or someone you love suffered an injury at a resort or hotel, you may be eligible to file a claim against the accommodation’s owner for negligence. Finding an advocate who can guide you through this process can be invaluable to the success of your case and significantly helpful to your peace of mind. For additional information and to discuss your potential premises liability claim with one of our highly experienced personal injury attorneys, contact the law offices of Cohen & Riechelson at (609) 528-2596.

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