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The workers’ compensation process in New Jersey is incredibly complex. As a result, every decision you make could affect your ability to get the compensation you need. One of the most important decisions you will make in your workers’ compensation case is whether to accept a cash settlement for your work-related injury. It’s possible that you have been out of work for months or even years by the time your temporary disability benefits end. The insurance company probably understands the devastating effect that a serious injury can have on your finances. They know how difficult it can be to pay costly medical bills during a time when you are unable to earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will try to take advantage of your desperate financial situation by offering you a low settlement.

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Cohen & Riechelson is a well-respected law firm that has been representing injured workers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1972. During that time, we have successfully filed countless workers’ comp claims in Mercer County, including Lawrence, Ewing, and Hopewell Township. We fight for our clients in workers’ compensation cases because we understand that your finances might be strained by expensive medical bills. Call CR today to speak with a member of our legal team.

Risks of Accepting a Cash Settlement in Mercer County NJ Workers’ Comp Cases

When your income benefits expire, you might still find yourself unable to return to work. At this time, you may need to file a claim for permanent disability benefits. However, it is common for insurance companies to contest these claims. As a result, the process for successfully filing a claim for permanent disability benefits is arduous and time-consuming. Many times, the injured worker isn’t able to wait for the benefits to kick in because bills and expenses are quickly piling up. That’s when the insurance company might try to take advantage of the injured by offering them a cash settlement which undervalues their injuries.

Sometimes, it makes sense for an injured worker to accept a cash settlement because the insurance company has a valid dispute and the cause of the injury is in doubt. However, you still need to be aware of the risks of accepting a settlement offer in a workers’ compensation case. You must make sure that you don’t sign away your legal rights when accepting a settlement offer. Once you accept a cash settlement, you could be barred from seeking additional benefits if your injury worsens at a later date. That’s because the settlement is often accompanied by a waiver of the right to seek additional benefits in the future. This means that you will be on the hook for any additional medical bills or treatment. Additionally, a cash settlement is often accompanied by a waiver of legal rights. This means that you will forfeit your right to sue your employer or your employer’s insurance company in the future.

An Attorney Can Assist You with a Workers’ Comp Settlement in Hamilton, NJ

You should never accept an insurance company’s cash settlement offer until you have spoken with an experienced workers’ comp attorney. An attorney can help you better understand the complicated workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey. Specifically, you need an attorney to evaluate the settlement offer and determine if a cash settlement is truly in your best interests. An attorney can review your claim to determine your likelihood of success if the case proceeds.

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The workers’ comp lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson will fight to get you the benefits you deserve. Additionally, we work on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid if you receive compensation for your injuries. Call us anytime to discuss your workers’ compensation case, or fill out the online contact form to schedule a no-obligation meeting at our Hamilton or Pennington offices.

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