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You expect nursing homes to take care of your elderly family members. In fact, since elderly people tend to be more likely to fall and suffer serious injuries, nursing homes have an enhanced duty of care when it comes to preventing injuries to nursing home residents. Unfortunately, some nursing homes abuse their position of trust and neglect elderly residents. In the worst cases, these at-risk individuals suffer abuse at the hands of nursing home staff.

An experienced nursing home negligence lawyer can help you seek compensation for your loved one’s injuries. The skilled NJ and PA nursing home negligence lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson are committed holding negligent parties responsible for the nursing home injuries and abuse your loved one is suffering. We will speak with nursing home experts and consultants in order to develop the best possible strategy in your case.

What Are the Legal Obligations of Nursing Homes in New Jersey?

We represent clients facing a broad range of nursing home negligence issues, including:

Any of these outcomes is potentially devastating to an elderly resident. Unfortunately, avoiding these injuries can be difficult because elderly residents, not always in the best health, often require special assistance. In the worst-case scenario, a nursing home resident can die from abuse and neglect. If your family is dealing with the aftermath of a wrongful death, we can help.

Nursing home residents are protected under both federal and state laws. The federal Nursing Home Reform Act imposes requirements on nursing homes to provide a certain level of care to residents, including mandatory staff numbers, protocols for assisting the resident with daily activities, and regular updates to account for any changes in the resident’s medical condition. More generally, nursing homes are required by law to take several steps to protect elderly residents against serious injuries.

Nursing homes must:

  • Perform a risk assessment when a resident is first admitted into the nursing home
  • Develop an individualized, written plan of care that includes protocols for assisting the resident with the bathroom and bathing the resident
  • Regularly update the written plan of care to account for changes in the resident’s medical condition
  • Train nursing home staff to properly care for residents
  • Monitor residents to ensure that they don’t fall and hurt themselves while walking around

Whether the staff of the nursing home or assisted living facility was simply tired and overworked or acting recklessly, your loved one deserves justice and compensation for their injuries. Perhaps more importantly, the people responsible need to know their actions won’t be acceptable in the future. CR is committed to making sure this type of negligent behavior is prevented in the future. However, a nursing home is not likely to admit that they’ve provided substandard care. That’s why you need an experienced nursing home negligence attorney on your side.

Call Experienced NJ & PA Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys; CR Can Protect Your Loved Ones against Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing homes should take extra precautions to protect against injuries to elderly residents. When your loved one suffers an injury as a direct result of negligence by nursing home staff, you deserve compensation and justice.

The nursing home negligence attorneys at Cohen & Riechelson provide experienced guidance and skilled advocacy for clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When it comes to your case, our legal team has access to former nursing home administrators and nursing home consultants who will assist us as we investigate your loved one’s injuries.

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