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One of the most common causes of serious motorcycle accidents in the State of New Jersey is a road hazard. No matter how alert you are while driving a motorcycle, it may not be possible to avoid road hazards. Although an uneven road surface might not pose much of a problem for a car or truck, any kind of bump in the road can be dangerous for a motorcyclist because the driver could be forced to rapidly change speeds or swerve in order to avoid the hazard. Whereas drivers of cars, trucks, and other large vehicles are typically able to withstand a collision with debris in the road, motorcycle riders are likely to struggle with any sort of impact because the bikes are much smaller. Additionally, since motorcycles are relatively light when compared to cars and truck, motorcyclists are at greater risk of being injured when they come into contact with a road hazard.

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Types of Road Hazards in Mercer County, NJ

Poor road conditions often lead to single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. When traffic is heavy, a road hazard can cause a multiple-vehicle accident in which the motorcycle collides with another automobile.

The road hazards responsible for these kinds of motorcycle accidents vary. Examples of common road hazards in New Jersey include:

  • Uneven Roadways: Poorly maintained roads are responsible for many single-vehicle motorcycle accidents in New Jersey. An uneven or jagged roadway can make it difficult for a motorcyclist to maintain control of their bike. Additionally, potholes are a major problem for motorcycles because even a slight bump in the roadway can cause a motorcycle driver to lose control. Since motorcycles are less stable than cars, a motorcycle is far more susceptible to potholes in the road.
  • Slick Surfaces: A slick road surface is one of the greatest concerns for motorcyclists – especially when the motorcyclist is traveling at a high speed. An oil slick or a puddle can cause a motorcycle to skid off the road and cause serious damage to the bike and the driver.
  • Debris on the Road: Construction workers often leave loose gravel or other debris behind when they finish resurfacing a road. This debris can cause serious motorcycle accidents. Even the presence of leaves or a fallen branch on the ground can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike and skid off the road. Debris can also do serious damage to a motorcycle’s tires.
  • Animals Crossing: Motorcyclists may have a tough time avoiding animals that cross in the road. When an animal, such as a deer, darts across the road, a motorcyclist may need to hit the brakes or swerve suddenly in order to avoid contact. The end result is often a single-vehicle crash in which the motorcycle skids off the road.

Liability for Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Road Hazards in Hopewell, NJ

If you were injured because of a poorly maintained road, you should be able to seek compensation for your injuries. Many times, this means that the local government is liable for your damages. For example, if a road has dangerous conditions, such as a sharp or sudden curve, the local municipality must post signs or provide adequate warnings to drivers. The government also has a responsibility to post warning signs when a road is left in disarray following construction or other road work.

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