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Grocery stores and supermarkets are inevitable destinations, as they have become a frequent part of our regular routines. However, they can also present a multitude of hazards, with slippery floors, damaged shopping carts, and insufficient safety straps to secure our children. Among the most common accidents that occur at supermarkets and grocery stores are slip-and-falls, which may occur within the aisles due to a host of factors such as leaking refrigerators, or in parking lots as a result of uncleared snow or ice. Overall, the store is responsible for taking certain precautions to ensure the safety of their patrons, whether that involves cleaning up spills, providing proper signage to indicate wet areas on the floor, or repairing broken or damaged shopping carts. If they fail to meet these expectations, you may be entitled to pursue compensation if you or someone you love was injured as a result of the store’s negligence.

At Cohen & Riechelson, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. When confronted with a case, we will accumulate and organize all of the available evidence to support your claim, including a medical assessment of your injuries and necessary treatment, an analysis of the circumstances that preceded the event, and photographs documenting the site of the incident. Compiling and constructing a compelling argument on your behalf is our priority as we work toward obtaining just compensation for you or your loved one. To discuss your supermarket or grocery store accident injury case with a member of our legal team at no cost, contact our Hamilton and Pennington, New Jersey offices at (609) 528-2596.

Supermarket Accident Injuries in New Jersey

There are a myriad of factors that increase the likelihood of slippery surfaces in grocery stores and thus, the prevalence of accidents caused by these conditions. Some of the most common causes of wet surfaces in or around supermarkets are:

  • Fruit on the floor in produce area, particularly those that are subsequently stepped-on
  • Leaking refrigerator and freezer cases
  • Spilled beverages, soups, and other liquids that are not efficiently cleaned
  • Empty containers left on the floor
  • Slippery floors during rain or winter weather
  • Uncleared or unsalted parking lots and sidewalks outside of the store
  • Wet areas caused by produce misting machines

Liability for Grocery Store Accidents in New Jersey: What to do After an Accident

If you or someone you love is injured in a grocery store or supermarket, there are a number of advisable steps to take next in order to fully advocate for yourself in the future. First, be sure to notify the store’s manager, who will likely require you to complete an incident report. Stores are generally required to document any incidents, so asking for a copy of the report is advisable. Also, take pictures of the area if possible and seek to identify if there were any witnesses to the incident. If so, ask for their names and contact information.

During an investigation conducted by our personal injuries attorneys, we will seek the answers to a number of other important questions to construct a solid case, some of which include:

  • Is there surveillance video which may have documented the accident?
  • Was the store aware of a spill or wet surface and if so, did they fail to address it as soon as possible?
  • What is the store’s inspection procedure and how frequently do these inspections occur?
  • Does the store adequately denote slippery surfaces with proper signage, etc.?
  • What are the mechanisms in place for maintaining a safe environment during winter weather (i.e. plowing, salting, etc.)?

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For additional information and to discuss your potential premises liability claim with one of our highly experienced personal injury attorneys, contact the law offices of Cohen & Riechelson at (609) 528-2596. If you or someone you love suffered an injury at a grocery store or supermarket, it is critical to understand all of your options. You may have grounds to pursue a claim. At CR, we are dedicated to holding negligent businesses accountable and obtaining the compensation that our clients deserve.

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