NJ Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Many People Enjoy Traveling and Experiencing the Great Outdoors in Recreational Vehicles (RVs). However, It’s Important to Be Aware That These Vehicles Can Also Pose a Serious Risk of Accidents.

Common Injuries Related to Recreational Vehicle Accidents in Mercer County NJ

Recreational vehicles, called RVs for short, are a great way to enjoy the beautiful New Jersey and U.S. outdoors while remaining comfortably “at home.” RVs provide a low-cost option for adventure travel, as they are more comfortable than tent camping and yet allow the same immersion into regional, state, and national parks. There are also a host of RV sites equipped with water and electricity hook-ups, making taking your home on the road a legitimate option.

Despite their benefits, RVs can also create danger on the road and lead to accidents. Inexperienced or negligent drivers and faulty design or manufacturing can cause devastating accidents resulting in severe injury or even death. If you have been injured due to the negligence of an RV driver, or if you are an RV driver yourself who has been injured in an accident because of a vehicle malfunction, you have the right to recover damages associated with your injury.

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A Recreational Vehicle (RV) for Every Need in NJ

Travel trailers, camper vans, and full-sized motor homes are some of the most popular types of RVs. With a variety of options in each category, recreational vehicle enthusiasts have a diverse selection to meet their travel needs.

Examining the Causes Behind Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Regardless of the type of recreational vehicle type, accidents are a danger across the board. They can be caused by a number of factors. Because RV drivers are not required to obtain special training or permits for operation, inexperienced drivers sometimes get behind the wheel of oversized vehicles and commit grave errors. Some of the common causes of RV accidents related to driver negligence or inexperience include not braking in sufficient time to come to a safe stop behind another vehicle, cutting off drivers in neighboring lanes during lane changes, underestimating the space needed for turns, and succumbing to blind spots when engaging in traffic maneuvers. Other causes of RV accidents involve faulty equipment caused by poor design or improper manufacture.

The Larger the Vehicle, The Greater the Risk of an Injury

Because RVs are such large vehicles, injuries caused by accidents involving such vehicles can be catastrophic. Common injuries include whiplash and other head, neck, and spine injuries; broken and fractured bones; traumatic brain injuries; cuts, scrapes, and bruises; damaged organs; and even death.

The Two First Steps after an Accident Involving an RV

Recreational Vehicle Accidents Attorneys in Hamilton NJ

If you have been injured in an accident involving an RV, the essential first step is to seek immediate medical care for your injuries. Once your safety is ensured and your health stabilized, contact your insurance provider to initiate your New Jersey PIP coverage, covering immediate personal medical costs, and reach out to the Law Offices of Cohen & Riechelson as soon as possible. An RV accident injury attorney acts on your behalf to help you get full compensation for financial and emotional damages caused by someone else’s negligence or faulty production, all while you focus on your recovery.

Pursuing Full Compensation for RV Injuries

If your accident injury was caused by another individual’s or company’s fault, you have the right to recover full damages. These include medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost wages, and even non-economic costs like pain and suffering. A skilled accident injury attorney will ensure that your immediate and long-term expenses associated with the accident injury are completely compensated.

Our New Jersey RV Accident Attorneys Can Help Prove Your Claim

In order to recover financial damages, one must prove that another’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in your injury. In order to do this, an accident injury attorney will thoroughly investigate the elements of the accident to determine liability. This includes reviewing the police report, revisiting the scene to investigate potential aggravating factors, interviewing witnesses, and employing associated experts to get all of the facts surrounding the event.

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