Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After an Injury Claim is Filed?

Accidents happen in a variety of ways, but people involved in these accidents are often injured and need medical care.

Treatment by the appropriate doctors is imperative for your recovery.  Unfortunately, some people forego treatment due to the costs or become distraught over the thought of the rising medical bills. This is often unnecessary. In most cases, your bills will be covered by insurance companies or they can be recovered in a lawsuit against the negligent parties.

What type of insurance is available?

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There are different types of insurance, depending on the type of accident you are involved in.  For example, if you are in a car accident, you are required to have automobile insurance.  Your car insurance carrier may be billed for the medical treatment in accordance with your policy limits. After you have reached your limit in accordance with your policy, your medical insurance may be required to cover the cost of your treatment.  In some circumstances, this may not be no enough, and you may be forced to sue the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier to recoup the cost of your treatment.  

In addition to car and health insurance, there may be other insurance available.   If you have been injured on the job, you would likely be covered under worker’s compensation. Similarly, if you have been injured at someone’s home, the homeowner’s insurance policy may be required to reimburse you for your losses and medical care.  

In most cases, there is some form of insurance available to assist in recouping your medical expenses.  However, insurance companies may not be willing to make periodic payments to your medical providers and may choose to wait until treatment is complete or wait for a lawsuit to be filed before they make any payments.  

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Depending on the case, filing a lawsuit against the responsible party may be the only way to recoup payment for your past and future medical expenses. If you choose to pursue a lawsuit, it is important to know that insurance companies may not be willing to make any payment until the lawsuit is complete. This becomes critical when you are dealing with ongoing doctors’ appointments and medical bills for past services. Under these circumstances, the treatment providers are put on notice that you do not have the money now to pay for services.  Your attorney and/or providers will, in turn, request that you sign a form allowing for a lien to be placed on any potential award.  After the money from the settlement or lawsuit is received by the attorney, he or she will pay the medical providers the amount owed. The total amount that you obtain will reflect the reduction of medical expenses paid, and in the case of a contingency agreement with your attorney, the attorneys’ fees. 

What not to do

What not to do

Do not ignore your need for medical treatment due to financial concerns. People who are injured often ignore signs and symptoms of injuries hoping that they will go away.  Ignoring the problem will not help you in any way.  In fact, failing to follow medical advice will likely cause your injuries to worsen. Sometimes, the lack of care will cause irreparable harm that no monetary settlement or financial amount can fix.  

More importantly, do not settle with the insurance companies without talking with an attorney.  You may not know what you are entitled to and may wind up short-changing yourself.  Also, keep in mind that you have no way of knowing the money you will need, as required medical care can change over time and what appeared to be a simple injury can require more care in the future. If you settle for too little money now, you will not have the money necessary to assist with your care in the future. Having an experienced lawyer evaluate your case is very important when you want to secure your financial future and protect your long-term health.  

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