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Concerts are supposed to be fun, high-energy events that you remember for a lifetime, and often, they are. Sometimes, however, entertainment can quickly turn to tragedy when the safety measures are not handled well. Examples of devastating concert accidents are unfortunately more common than you might think. Famously, in 2021, the Astroworld Festival turned into a nightmare when ten people died because of a crowd surge in an overpacked space. If you have been injured in a concert accident in New Jersey, you have the right to recover financial damages for medical expenses due to injuries sustained, related out-of-pocket costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Factors That Lead to Accidents at Concerts in New Jersey

A number of elements contribute to the danger of a concert injury. In crowded spaces, people can be suffocated or trampled, or they can be unable to safely reach an exit in the case of a medical emergency. Additionally, beverage spills and sweat can cause a hazard for slips and falls on hard surfaces. Lighters or projectiles can cause burns. And people are at higher risk for intoxication-related incidents, as often alcohol and controlled drugs are distributed and taken at concerts. While all of these incidents can cause personal injury, there are also structural hazards that can lead to tragedy. As in the case of the soccer stands that collapsed in England in 1985, killing 28, overcrowded venues without proper structural support can lead to devastating results. Additionally, undertrained or insufficient security and emergency response teams can make an accident or injury a bigger problem than it might have initially been.

Common Types of Injuries During Concerts

The most common types of injuries suffered in concert settings are slips and falls, intoxication poisoning or overdose, bruises caused by tight pressure in crowded areas, heat exhaustion, and respiratory distress, including suffocation.

If You Get Injured at a Concert, What Steps Should You Take?

If you are injured at a concert, the first thing you must do is exit the scene of danger and seek immediate medical attention to address your injuries. Once you are safely out of harm’s way and attended to, contact our team at Cohen & Riechelson to determine whether you can recover financial damages for your injuries in a personal injury claim.

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Collecting Evidence to Prove Negligence in Concert Accidents

You can recover damages from a concert injury if your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence. You have the right to recover medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost wages resulting from your injury, and even emotional pain and suffering that resulted from your accident. Proving liability is necessary to recover financial damages, and our lawyers have decades of experience conducting a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your case to determine liability.

Determining who is Liable for Concert Accident Injuries in NJ

In concert accidents, the venue owner or third-party security, health response, or vendor teams may be found liable for creating an unsafe environment, including allowing underaged individuals to purchase alcohol, not maintaining the premises, or not sufficiently training their employees. Additionally, individuals attending the concert can be held responsible for an accident if their reckless or actively harmful behavior caused you injury.

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When you’ve been injured at a concert, the most important thing is for you to recover your physical and emotional health and get back to your life. When you’ve been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to think about is interacting with the liable party’s lawyers to prove liability and demand compensation for the myriad of challenges you are going through. Our job is to act on your behalf, interacting with necessary parties to conduct a thorough investigation and gather the important evidence, documentation, and expert testimony needed to build a strong case.

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