Dunmore Landfill

Hold the Dunmore/Keystone Landfill Accountable

If you have been negatively affected by the Dunmore/Keystone Sanitary Landfill’s odors, you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against them.

Here’s How To Begin

In order to be considered a participant in a class, you’ll need to provide some information about where you live and how the odors from the landfill have affected your life. You can provide this information via mail or via an online contact form.

Once we receive your information, an attorney from our firm will reach out to you and can describe the case and the process in detail.

Let Us Know How the Dunmore/Keystone Landfill has Affected Your Life

by Mail

  1. Download the Dunmore Landfill Datasheet. Download
  2. Fill out the form as best and as truthfully as you can.
  3. Mail the Datasheet to:
    • Kamensky Cohen & Riechelson
    • Attn: Kevin Riechelson
    • 194 South Broad Street
    • Trenton, NJ 08608

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