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Some injuries can make it impossible for you to return to work. When this happens, you may find it difficult to support yourself financially and provide for your family. You do not deserve to be put in this position simply because you were injured while performing your work duties.

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The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Cohen & Riechelson are here to help you. We will carefully review your case to determine if you are eligible for medical disability benefits. In the event that you are eligible to receive a total disability award, we will fight to ensure that you receive maximum benefits for your work-related injury.

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What Are the Requirements for Total Disability Benefits?

If you have been severely injured or impaired in a way that you are no longer employable, you may be eligible for permanent total disability benefits. If you are eligible, you will initially be paid the determined benefit amount weekly for up to 450 weeks. After that time, a doctor must examine you to determine if you are employable in any capacity. If it is determined that you are no longer employable because of the injuries you have suffered, these benefits may continue for the rest of your life, paying up to 70 percent of your weekly wage at the time you were injured. In other words, if your work-related injury is deemed “permanent,” you could be eligible for disability benefits that continue as long as you need them.

You may also qualify for permanent partial disability awards if your injury allows you to return to work but is still in some way considered permanently disabling. These benefits are typically paid on a weekly basis. However, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to request payment in a lump sum.

In the event that your injuries are not considered permanent, you might still be eligible for temporary disability benefits up to the point that you are deemed fit for work or you’ve achieved maximum medical improvement. Under NJ workers’ compensation law, there is a 400-week maximum for temporary total disability benefits.

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Our experienced total disability benefits lawyers know how to help you get these awards and maximize your compensation. We’ve successfully represented numerous clients in workers’ compensation cases throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Call us today or contact us online.

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