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Deck and Balcony Accident Attorneys in NJ

Everyone enjoys a barbecue on their deck. Sometimes, while watching a gorgeous sunset, some cocktails are in order. Whether marveling at the view or spending time with friends and family, decks provide a space to relax at home. Concert halls, restaurants, and theaters also have balconies to give a unique perspective from above on a night out. Many hotels and apartments also have balconies that offer a captivating view of the beach, city life, or other natural surroundings. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries can occur when balconies and decks are poorly constructed or poorly maintained.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, of the 45 million deck and balcony structures in the U.S.,  60% have safety issues. It is further estimated that most collapses are due to defects in the connection to the main building. Although casualties rarely happen, between 2025 and 2020, more than 250,000 have been forced to seek medical attention for deck or balcony-related injuries. Structural failure was the cause in nearly 15% of those cases.

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Accidents on Front and Back Porches

A porch is a structure attached to the front or back of a house. Some are ground-level structures covered in cement or stone. Others have a roof and are frequently elevated from two to four feet off of the ground. Porches can be open or bordered by railings. Many homeowners put swings or other furniture on their porch to make it more comfortable and inviting. Porch accidents have several possible causes, which can spell disaster on their own or in combination with each other. A porch can collapse if it isn’t supported correctly or if the foundation of the house is built incorrectly. Weak points in the wood or damage caused by the elements are another cause. Porch swings that are improperly installed or used without regard to the manufacturer’s weight limit can cause an unpleasant crash to the ground that could result in serious injury.

Deck Collapses

A deck collapse can have devastating effects, especially high off the ground. Rotten wood can weaken a deck. Cold weather can cause ice to seep into cracks, expanding any crevices and damaging the wood if it isn’t treated or sealed correctly. Rusty nails or screws and cracked supports are dangers as well. Lack of inspection and maintenance by a licensed professional can result in a collapse. An inspection can also identify other risks, such as a termite infestation or an unstable foundation. Everyone loves a party, but an accident can happen if the number of people on the deck exceeds capacity. The home or building owner should know about those limits. Improper construction standards or using substandard materials can cause a greater risk of collapse.

Balcony Falls

There are many reasons why people fall from balconies. Excluding alcohol or drug use and rough play on the balcony, the causes generally have to do with the balcony itself. If there is poor lighting, the design is incorrect and in violation of building codes, there are structural problems or too many people on the balcony, it can collapse, or someone may fall.

Railing Failures

Railings for porches, balconies, and decks are there for aesthetics and to protect from falls. A myriad of factors can cause injuries from failing railings. Weather conditions can crack wood and rust nuts, bolts, screws, and nails can come loose or become rusty. Putting too much stress on a railing by leaning against or sitting on it can cause an accident. Sometimes, cheap materials are used to cut corners in the construction of the railing, or the construction is done haphazardly. Moreover, regular inspection and maintenance of railings are necessary to keep residents safe.

What Are the Common Injuries Caused By Deck and Balcony Accidents?

A collapsed deck, balcony, or faulty railing can cause devastating injuries to accident victims. Concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), broken bones, and neck and spinal injuries can cause permanent disabilities, including partial or total paralysis. If someone falls forward from a high platform, they could suffer an orbital fracture, a broken jaw, broken teeth, and deep facial lacerations that could cause disfigurement. Less common but still life-threatening injuries are internal organ damage such as a lacerated liver, a pneumothorax (a punctured lung from a broken rib), an exposed fracture, or a ruptured spleen. Unfortunately, some accidents result in a victim’s death.

Contributing Factors to High Platform Accidents

The age and improper porch, deck, or balcony maintenance can make them dangerous. Dry rot, weak post supports, and rusty nails can cause a structure to give way. Building codes are frequently disregarded when a deck or porch is built as a DIY project. If the structure is improperly attached to the building or house, the deck or balcony can pull away, producing a precarious gap that could lead to injuries or death. Loose railings that are too low or poorly attached can give way at any moment. Railings with slats spaced too far apart can leave children unprotected from a fall.

Identifying Fault in NJ Deck, Porch, or Balcony Accidents

Several possible parties are at fault for a deck, porch, or balcony accident, and more than one party may be at fault. If the accident occurred because the patio or balcony was not built to code or was constructed with substandard materials, the builder could be held accountable for using poor construction methods. If the owner of the structure was aware of the issues and did nothing to correct them, they are responsible, too. When the cause of an accident is defective materials at the time of construction, the manufacturer could be responsible in a product liability suit.

Sometimes, property owners don’t conduct frequent inspections or have the property inspected but don’t make the necessary repairs to save money. Negligent owners can be held accountable in a premise liability suit. Premise liability requires that the injured party is on the property legally. It also must be proven that the property owner was responsible for keeping the area free of hazards. If the property owner knowingly built an unsafe structure, didn’t repair a structure they knew to be a danger, or didn’t inspect it at reasonable intervals, they can be held liable.

The architects and engineers could be liable if it can be proven that the deck or balcony’s design wasn’t structurally sound. If the calculations made for the construction of the building were not in line with the latest building codes, they could be held liable.

What Are the Options If a Construction Worker Suffers a Balcony Injury?

Experienced Balcony and Deck Accident Injury Attorneys Handling Claims in Mercer County, NJ

Construction workers are at significant risk when working on high-rise apartment buildings with floors of balconies. Construction worker Jose Pereira was working on the 8th-floor balcony of a high-rise condominium near the Jersey Shore in Sea Isle City when he was pinned under a concrete slab that fell from the 7th-floor balcony from the South Tower. It was later determined that the side of the building where the accident occurred was unsafe, calling into question whether this tragedy could have been avoided.

What if Someone Died Due to a Collapsed Porch or Railing?

The same parties may face liability for wrongful death when someone dies, as opposed to being injured and surviving a porch, balcony, or deck accident in New Jersey. A wrongful death suit can be filed against several defendants, depending on the results of the investigation. If the construction materials were faulty, the manufacturer could be to blame. The owner and construction company can be sued if the structure’s construction is shoddy and substandard.

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