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Motorcycle accidents don’t always involve multiple vehicles. When a motorcyclist loses control of their bike and crashes without having been affected by another vehicle, the result is a single-vehicle motorcycle accident. A strong perception exists among the public that driver error is a primary cause of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. However, there is often nothing that a motorcyclist can do to avoid losing control of their bike and crashing. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you have no legal recourse simply because your motorcycle accident did not involve another driver. It is entirely possible that some other party was responsible for your accident and subsequent injuries.

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Poor Road Conditions Cause Motorcycle Accidents in Mercer County NJ

Poor road conditions often result in single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. When a road is poorly maintained, a motorcycle accident becomes more likely. In fact, any kind of abnormal road condition or irregularity on the road may present an obstacle to the safe operation of a motorcycle. For example, if a roadway has a steep incline or is particularly curvy, it can be difficult for a motorcyclist to maintain control of the bike.

Road construction crews often leave behind debris that creates problems for motorcyclists. Sometimes, repair crews simply fail to do an adequate job. The result is often potholes or shoddy lines that make it dangerous for a motorcyclist to safely operate their bike. Other examples of poor road conditions that plague motorcyclists include grooves in the road, gravel on the pavement, or uneven payment.

Causes of Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents in Lawrence NJ

Although poor road conditions are a major cause of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents in New Jersey, there are other reasons for motorcyclists to lose control of their bikes. Some of the most common causes of single-vehicle accidents are:

  • Weather Conditions: Poor weather conditions can make it incredibly difficult for a motorcyclist to maintain control of their bikes. Rain or snow may pose particular problems for a motorcyclist whose vision is affected by the poor conditions. Additionally, icy roads can cause the motorcyclists to skid across the road. The local municipality has an obligation to prepare for adverse weather conditions and take necessary measures to protect drivers.
  • Pedestrians: A single-vehicle accident can be caused when a motorcycle operator swerves to avoid a pedestrian. Many times, these pedestrians are jaywalking.
  • Defective Product: You expect your motorcycle to be reliable. A motorcycle design or manufacturing defect could be to blame for your single-vehicle motorcycle accident. If the motorcycle was poorly designed or manufactured, it might not be safe to drive. A defective motorcycle part which causes a mechanical malfunction can result in serious motorcycle accident injuries.

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